Sunday 15 September 2019

Pippa O'Connor 'over the moon' as she announces pregnancy with brilliant tweet

Pippa O'Connor and family
Pippa O'Connor and family
Brian Ormond and Pippa O 'Connor
Pippa announced the news on Twitter today.
Pippa O'Connor.
Pippa O Connor
Pippa O'Connor photographed by Kip Carroll
Pippa O'Connor
Pippa O COnnor Newsdesk Newsdesk

Model businesswoman Pippa O'Connor has announced she's expecting her second child.

The 30-year-old blogger has been married to TV presenter Brian Ormond for four years and they have one son together, Ollie (2).

Sharing the news on social media, Pippa posted a cute photo of her first child Ollie sitting beside his "Santa List".

Written at the bottom of Ollie's wish list, was "baby brother or sister".

Pippa has seen her profile soar over the last 12 months with her popular website, factories across the country and a sell-out make-up palette with Blank Canvas Cosmetics.

When asked earlier this year how she balances it all, she said: "Listen, like everyone else I just juggle it and you kind of wonder what you did with your time before.

"I rely a lot on my husband and family to help with Ollie because I do work so much. But I'm lucky I suppose in another sense.

"I'm not gone 9-5 and I could be working from 6am to 12pm and I'm home then for the rest of the day so I probably do have much more time at home with Ollie than probably most working people would."

The model mum recently kicked back with a trip to Los Angeles with her husband and Ollie.

Pippa recently admitted that becoming a mum "is a really exciting and challenging time".

"The first moments [of motherhood] when you're handed the baby in the hospital is so overwhelming and I just worried about everything.

And by her own admission, motherhood has changed her in many ways.

"You grow up overnight. You're not selfish anymore whereas before you only had to worry about yourself and what you were wearing the following weekend. You didn't have to consider other people - obviously you do with your family but if you wanted to go on holidays you could just do it but now your number one priority is your child," Pippa says.

"It changes everything and makes you look at everything differently. You worry about everything, you worry about him going in a car with someone else. Anything, everything becomes a worry."

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