Wednesday 17 January 2018

Pike praises Thunderbirds co-stars

Rosamund Pike voices Lady Penelope in the ITV remake of Thunderbirds
Rosamund Pike voices Lady Penelope in the ITV remake of Thunderbirds

Rosamund Pike has spoken about how excited she was to get to work with some of the original Thunderbirds cast on the rebooted version Thunderbirds Are Go!

The Oscar-nominated Gone Girl star voices Lady Penelope in the ITV remake of the children's classic and worked with David Graham, who has returned to voice her driver Parker again, as well as the first Lady Penelope, Sylvia Anderson.

Pike said: "It was an easy 'yes' as soon as ITV asked me to voice Lady Penelope.

"David Graham is so charming and so funny - his Parker is iconic and the story behind his creation of the character and how he found the voice in a waiter in an East End restaurant is delicious.

"I love working with him and the bond between Parker and Penelope, and the humour that is batted between them, is really fun to play.

"David is a gentleman and I am extremely fond of him. I am also so looking forward to exploring more Parker/Penelope dynamics in the next series."

Graham said: "It's been great. I never thought it would happen. I'm absolutely delighted to recreate the character.

"It was easy to do Parker's voice again, it's in my vocal DNA. My voice still has a young quality; it doesn't equal my age, so I'm very glad about that."

Anderson also contributed to the new series, although not in her original role as Lady Penelope.

Pike said: "The day Sylvia Anderson came in to play great aunt Sylvia was exciting. I think we both gave our versions of 'Home, Parker' just for fun!

"She and David have wonderful stories about the early days of recording and how they battled with un-­soundproofed studios.

"They didn't even have a studio as far as I recall, I think they were using an old hotel or factory."

Thunderbirds Are Go! begins on ITV on April 4 at 5pm.

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