Tuesday 10 December 2019

Pike: I hadn't seen a Bond film

Rosamund Pike starred alongside Pierce Brosnan in Die Another Day
Rosamund Pike starred alongside Pierce Brosnan in Die Another Day

Rosamund Pike has admitted that she had never seen a James Bond film before she was cast in Die Another Day.

The actress, 35, played Bond girl Miranda Frost at the age of 21 following her very first film audition.

But she told W magazine: "Before I was cast as a Bond girl, I had never actually seen a James Bond movie."

She said that for the Bond audition she turned up, after returning from backpacking in China, "wearing something very thick and woolly" and noticed the other actresses looked very "sleek".

When impressed producers asked Rosamund to return with a dress, she turned up with a costume featuring silk roses down the front, a large skirt, and even a train.

"My idea of a dress was an operatic concert gown," Rosamund told the mag. "I quite proudly took the dress out at the second audition, and they all tried very hard not to laugh. They politely told me that in James Bond films, the women tended to look sort of slinky."

The Pride And Prejudice and Gone Girl actress, who starred alongside Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry and Dame Judi Dench in the film, said that starring in the Bond movie made her see herself for the first time as an object.

"I was 21, and I was made to look far more sophisticated than I felt. Instantly, I had to come to terms with myself as a woman and also as an object," she told W.

"I was looking at myself from the outside for the first time. That awareness, for any girl, is both horrible and fascinating."

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