Wednesday 21 February 2018

Peter Stringfellow has mullet cut off by Nicky Clarke live on Loose Women

Nightclub owner Peter Stringfellow has had his famous mullet cut off by Nicky Clarke
Nightclub owner Peter Stringfellow has had his famous mullet cut off by Nicky Clarke
Philip Schofield will be wearing a Christmas jumper as part of ITV's Text Santa appeal (ITV/PA)

Peter Stringfellow has parted with his legendary mullet hairstyle in the name of charity.

The club owner agreed to have his distinctive hair cut live on Loose Women to raise money for ITV's Text Santa campaign - but he did not seem thrilled with his new look.

"I look like Paul bloody Schofield!" he exclaimed as he looked in the mirror, although host Ruth Langsford quickly corrected him that he meant Phillip.

His gaffe was all the more embarrassing for the fact that it was Schofield who had brought the club owner into the studio under a paper bag as part of his #Pipknit campaign to appear throughout the day in every show on the ITV schedule.

Seventy-five-year-old Stringfellow said he was "frightened" and "wanted his mummy" as hairdresser Nicky Clarke first got to work on his 80s style locks.

But the look seemed to grow on him, as he admitted he would benefit from the reduced amount of hairspray he had to buy.

"I've got three people to worry about, my wife who loves it short, Ozzie Rizzo who is my regular hairdresser and he's going to kill Nicky, and my little girl, I hope she recognises me! It's going to cost me one hairspray per five years," he said.

But his hair got the seal of approval from the Loose Women team.

"You look 30 years younger. I can't get over how much better it looks," Janet Street-Porter said.

Stringfellow did more than just order a short back and sides to help ITV's charity appeal.

"The dancers from both my clubs had a whip round and came up with £1000," he said proudly.

Earlier, the Good Morning Britain team showed their support for Text Santa by performing a version of the Wham! hit Last Christmas.

All the GMB team could be seen getting into the Yuletide spirit in their garish knitwear, drinking red wine, pulling crackers, eating Christmas pudding and exchanging presents in the send-up of the famous festive song.

But Piers Morgan did not seem too happy with his acting stint, branding the video - which saw him compete with Ben Shephard in wooing Susanna Reid - "career-ending".

It is part of a day of sketches and reminders across the ITV schedule of Christmas Jumper Day on December 18, which will be raising money for the channel's Text Santa appeal.

Schofield will pop up in every programme on ITV's schedule throughout the day as part of his #Pipknit campaign, and will don a different Christmas jumper with each appearance.

The presenter said: "The idea this year is that we've gone much more subtle and, in the true style of Where's Wally, between 6am and 12am, I'm going to appear in every ITV show in some shape or form but not speaking, not a big role, just subtly somewhere within that show.

Schofield teased about his forthcoming appearances: "I think I've played quite an important part in The Jeremy Kyle Show, very subtle, very small. A bit of an ambition that I might be somewhere in Emmerdale, got a bit musical in one show. Judge Rinder is a show I never imagined I'd be part of.

"I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! was difficult because it's obviously in Australia... We've done it differently with I'm A Celebrity and it's very subtle and very quick."

Meanwhile, the worlds of Downton Abbey and the present day Northumberland & City police force collide in a new sketch for the Text Santa appeal.

In a teaser clip released ahead of the TV appeal day on December 18, the Earl of Grantham and Isobel Crawley have just settled down in the living room to begin the arduous task of auditioning for the house's official Father Christmas.

But one auditionee has arrived with a more ominous task.

"Oh, I'm not running the soup kitchen today," says Isobel (Penelope Wilton) when their guest arrives in their front room.

"I'm DCI Vera Stanhope, Northumberland and City Police, pet. I'm here to investigate the murder," interjects Blenda Blethyn in character as her formidable ITV detective.

"There hasn't been a murder," argues Lord Robert, played by Hugh Bonneville.

"It's a stately home, there's always been a murder," DCI Stanhope hits back.

But it's the appearance of valet Bates, twice accused of murder in Downton Abbey, popping up from behind his masters that gets the biggest laughs.

"I think I might have left the iron on, my Lord," he mutters.

But DCI Stanhope is not about to let her suspect get away.

"Nobody leaves the room - e xcept you, pet, go see to that iron," she says.

The scene is part of a longer sketch that will see other famous faces arriving at the Abbey in the hope of bagging the role of Santa, airing on the Text Santa appeal night.

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