Tuesday 16 January 2018

Peter Andre weighs children 'to make sure they put on weight'

Peter Andre and his wife Emily MacDonagh
Peter Andre and his wife Emily MacDonagh

Peter Andre has admitted that he weighs his children in order to make sure they are putting on weight.

The 43-year-old singer is father to son Junior, 11, and daughter Princess, nine - with ex-wife Katie Price, and is expecting a second child with new wife Emily MacDonagh to join two-year-old daughter Amelia.

Speaking on Loose Women, Andre admitted he was "skinny" as a kid, but has concerns about attitudes to eating that his young children may be picking up at school.

He said: "I weigh them because I want them to put on weight.

"When I see if my kids aren't eating a lot, I get concerned and I'll keep trying to feed them and feed them, I think it's a bit of a Greek thing anyway.

"I don't weight them all the time, but I do weigh them sometimes."

He explained: "I've heard a couple of stories and one of my daughter's little friends at school, the girl herself saying she thought she was overweight and she was very thin. It concerns me."

Andre said he tries to do it subtly and would not tell them he is worried about their weight, but he confessed: "I don't actually know if I'm right or wrong."

He said: " I say, hey, how cool's this, let's see if you can get on the roller-coaster ride? How much do you weigh, how tall are you? It's my way of trying to boost them up to get the weight on."

Famous for his abs during the Mysterious Girl-years of his singing carer, Andre said he does not want his children to get as "obsessive" about their bodies as he was.

He said: "I'm 43, I still want to be able to look healthy - but I would never walk around with my shirt off.

"I do it for a calendar (shoot) once a year and I get prepared for it and that's it and it keeps me in check, but I guess there's a very good point to that, is it showing the right example?

"As long as it's a healthy thing I think it's OK, it's just as long as it's not an obsessive thing , which it was in my 20s, which is what I don't want to encourage my kids to do."

Andre has been announced as a new presenter on ITV's This Morning, presenting his own mini-series about dads in Britain.

Ferne McCann, who was a panellist on the show, disagreed with Andre's approach.

She told him: "I'm not a parent but I probably wouldn't weigh my children because in this day and age it is so much about body image.

"I'm not necessarily saying what you're doing is wrong, but if you drill that into them on the scales, they might be more focused on that in later life."

She said that even now she does not weigh herself, after seeing scales as a "novelty" in the house as a child.

Panellist Gloria Hunniford said she would not weigh children either.

Viewers at home were divided.

One mother posted: "Children are weighed on scales at primary school and from birth. What's the difference? And yes I regularly weigh my 9 year old."

Another wrote: "I was a picky eater as a child, so I had to be weighed often. Sometimes it is necessary for your child's health."

However, one cautioned: "Weighing to put weight on or loose (sic) it can still mentally affect them."

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