Saturday 16 November 2019

Pertwee: Capaldi will be stupendous

Sean Pertwee makes a guest appearance in the season finale of The Musketeers as villain Sarazin
Sean Pertwee makes a guest appearance in the season finale of The Musketeers as villain Sarazin

Sean Pertwee has revealed he thinks Peter Capaldi's age will give "gravitas" to his portrayal of The Doctor.

Sean - who is set to appear in the finale of BBC Sunday night drama The Musketeers alongside Peter this weekend - is the son of Jon Pertwee, the third actor to play the Time Lord in hit sci fi series Doctor Who.

Sean, who plays villain Sarazin in The Musketeers which star Peter as Cardinal Richelieu, revealed how much he enjoyed talking to Peter about the role of the Time Lord when they met on The Musketeers set in Prague last autumn.

He believes 55-year-old Peter will be "stupendous" as the centuries-old alien, following on from 31-year-old Matt Smith.

Sean said: "My father was very fond of Peter and Peter is an extremely lovely gentleman. He was very kind to my family when my father passed away, he was big fan of my dad's actually.

"So personally the Pertwee household were absolutely delighted when he got the role of The Doctor."

He added: "I think he's going to bring some real gravitas and weight, which only comes with age. Taking nothing away from Matt (Smith), who I thought was great, I just think he's going to stupendous. He's going to have a completely different look.

"He's such a phenomenal actor anyway I think he'll be absolutely brilliant. I'm delighted he's doing it."

Sean, 49, also revealed how much he enjoyed shooting the action scenes for The Musketeers, but admitted when it came to fighting 24-year-old Luke Pasqualino, who plays D'artagnan, he may have met his match.

Sean said: "My fight training all came back to me. The problem is, fighting Luke , I don't tend to bounce so much now. I'm on the deck and my brain is convincing itself that I'm still standing up. It takes me a bit longer to get up now.

"And I realised that I'm literally old enough to be his father, what the hell do I think I'm doing?!

"I was bashed to pieces , but that's all part of it and it's such fun."

And the actor said he thinks the fast pace of the period drama - which has already been commissioned for a second series - sets it apart from previous adaptations of Alexandre Dumas' classic novel on which it is based.

He said: " What I love about the choreography in the show is it's for really. It's not fence-like sword play, it's blood and guts stuff, it's how people used to fight.

"The average duel was 20 seconds long, there's no time for poncing around, there's a real sense of intent and that's what I like about this series.

"We had almost too much fun doing it. It was brilliant. A great experience."

:: The final episode of The Musketeers, starring Hugo Speer, Tom Burke, Howard Charles, Santiago Cabrera and Maimie McCoy airs on BBC One a t 9pm on Sunday.

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