Tuesday 10 December 2019

Paedophile ring 'may have existed at BBC in 1970s'

Dame Janet Smith's report said there could have been a paedophile ring
Dame Janet Smith's report said there could have been a paedophile ring

A paedophile ring may have existed at the BBC in the 1970s, Dame Janet Smith's review has found.

One of Jimmy Savile's victims was "groomed" by a scene painter at the BBC who took her on trips to Television Centre where she says she was abused by around 30 different men - including the presenter.

Leisha Brookes, who has waived her right to anonymity, said the scene painter would take her on monthly trips to the corporation.

Dame Janet's report states: "He would take her to different rooms where she would meet a man and he would tell her to 'sit on Uncle so and so's knee' or he would say that he had to go and do something and 'uncle so and so' would look after her.

"Some of these men were people whom she had seen on television but most of them she did not recognise.

"She said that most of these men (although not all) touched her (or hurt her as she put it).

"In all she estimates that she was abused by about 30 different men. One of the men who abused her was Savile. She recognised him because she used to watch Jim'll Fix It. He promised to show her his big chair, although he never did."

She was 11 years old when the abuse took place.

Dame Janet stated: "On balance, I accept that she was taken to Television Centre on different occasions and was there abused by Savile.

"She may also have been abused there by other men."

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