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Outspoken Winston McKenzie is the first CBB housemate to be evicted

Winston McKenzie is the first housemate to be evicted during the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother
Winston McKenzie is the first housemate to be evicted during the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother
The moment Celebrity Big Brother contestant Kristina Rihanoff announced to her fellow housemates she is almost three months pregnant (Channel 5/PA)

Winston McKenzie is the first celebrity to be evicted from the Big Brother house in a twist that saw the housemates choose which star to boot out.

Kristina Rihanoff, who announced her pregnancy during the episode, was told by host Emma Willis that she had been saved by the public vote.

But the housemates were then informed that they would have to select either McKenzie or Nancy Dell'Olio to leave.

He was chosen by 13 of the housemates who all cited his homophobic statements spoken in a task they played earlier in the day, although Dell'Olio received one vote from Jeremy McConnell due to an argument over a stolen bottle of wine.

McKenzie had caused plenty of controversy in the house.

In the house task, the contestants were split into two teams and had to decide which facts related to which housemates.

Revelations included that Angie Bowie was nearly late to her own wedding after a threesome, Darren Day spent £2000 a week on cocaine during the height of his addiction and Danniella Westbrook has had six boob jobs.

But McKenzie sparked debate when he was correctly identified as saying he believed adoption by gay couples was "child abuse".

He tried to defend his views: "How can I? I'm a Christian. How can I go against my beliefs?

"No I'm not homophobic, no I don't hate gays, people live their lives as according to how they want to live."

Team B won the task and confiscated suitcases were returned to Darren Day, Danniella Westbrook and Christopher Maloney.

His beliefs were taken particularly badly by Angie Bowie, who launched into an expletive-ridden rant.

"I didn't do 45 years fighting for gay rights for f****** nothing. I'm not tolerating that c***. If he comes within 10 feet of me it's over. My f****** eyes nearly popped out of my head. I knew it was him, it's not like anyone else would have said such a stupid thing. And if he didn't say it, he didn't prove to me that he didn't," she told David Gest.

Earlier Dell'Olio told Big Brother she felt uncomfortable sleeping in a bed next to McKenzie and that he had watched her getting dressed.

The candidate for London mayor was called into the diary room to be reminded of unacceptable language and behaviour in the house.

A shocked McKenzie told Big Brother "I can't believe this" and said: "I'm not the only guy in the bedroom area who has seen women dress in front of us."

The 62-year-old decided to clear the air with Dell'Olio after speaking with Gest, Stephanie Davis and Megan McKenna, who comforted him by saying: "You haven't groped anybody."

He told the Italian lawyer, "Sometimes you walk past me and you're an attractive lady and I look as you come through, that's all."

Although they hugged at the end of their conversation, Dell'Olio was later horrified by his homophobic comments.

There were more revelations in the house as Rihanoff told the housemates that she and boyfriend Ben Cohen had found out she was pregnant over Christmas and Bowie opened up to Day about her 18-month addiction to heroin.

"I called up my gynaecologist and I said I'm addicted to heroin. My mother and father are here, I need you to come and inject me with valium every day.

"So he came and did that, my father came and he sat with me and my mum was there. It was a bit harder for my mum, I think she got a little too emotional about it," she revealed to a shocked Day.

Evicted housemate McKenzie continued to defend his homophobic comments as he spoke to Willis outside the house.

Asked by Willis whether he stood by his comment that gay adoption was "child abuse", he replied: "There are people in life who are gay and they've fought long and hard for their rights and I have nothing against them.

"The people will decide, we live in a democratic society and we have the right to express our opinions."

Willis then told him that his view was "extremely offensive, Christian or not Christian that doesn't come into it".

The former Ukip spokesman explained: "My comment was made in the heat of the moment, the press followed me, it was during the general election and they got what they were looking for. When you work it out, it wasn't something done from the heart, they portrayed it as spiteful."

However, he refused to alter from his statement.

"I agree with my heartfelt feelings, I'm not going to change my mind or thoughts because of other people."

"Would you like me to sit here and lie?" he asked Willis.

He added: "I've made my statement."

He was booed out the house and said the only reason he could cope with the hostile reaction was because of the crowds he used to perform in front of as a boxer.

"Boxing prepared me for this, had I not been involved in sport in the way I was, I would never be able to cope with this," he said.

The self-confessed ladies man also responded to his inappropriate staring at Dell'Olio while she was changing.

"Certain women are flaunting themselves all the time and I looked up and, 'Oh'," he said.

"Perhaps they should do a separate side for the women and the men. We're in the house in close proximity and I'm a red blooded male."

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