Saturday 24 March 2018

Osman: I need to find a disguise

Richard Osman is quite easy to spot (BBC/Remarkable/Kieron McCarron)
Richard Osman is quite easy to spot (BBC/Remarkable/Kieron McCarron)

Richard Osman has revealed he is actually very shy and wishes he could find a way to stop being recognised when he goes out.

The Pointless presenter - who is 6ft 7in and wears distinctive glasses - hosts new game show Two Tribes on his own, which he admitted he finds a bit daunting.

Richard confessed: "I am quite shy. I find being in front of a live audience really difficult.

"I love Pointless, because I can be Xander's sidekick [Pointless co-host Alexander Armstrong]. He can be the host, and I can be kind of the dutiful wife trailing behind him..."

The success of Pointless and Two Tribes means Richard is often spotted out and about, even though he'd like to try and blend in.

Richard, 44, revealed: "You go to a pub quiz and everyone wants to beat you...

"I've yet to find the hat and glasses or moustache combination that makes me invisible. People just go, 'That's Richard Osman with a hat...'."

But Richard is proud of topping Heat Magazine's Weird Crush poll in 2011.

"If anyone wants to have a crush on me, they are very welcome," he said.

"It's either mothers or grandmothers with me. I imagine I get about the same amount of attention as Bradley Walsh, and I'm very happy with that."

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