Tuesday 20 February 2018

Noel Gallagher slams politicians

Noel Gallagher has criticised today's crop of politicians, saying they 'don't stand for anything'
Noel Gallagher has criticised today's crop of politicians, saying they 'don't stand for anything'

Rock legend Noel Gallagher has claimed that Nigel Farage does not look mentally capable enough to run a corner shop and predicted that Boris Johnson will be the next prime minister.

The former Oasis man also dismissed David Cameron and Ed Miliband as "bozos" and "career politicians" who "don't stand for anything" and dismissed the Labour Party as a "waste of time".

He also took aim at the Prime Minister for "trying to be your mate" by listing his musical tastes.

The only politician to avoid a lashing from the Britpop star's famously sharp tongue was former PM Tony Blair, who famously invited the guitarist to a drinks reception at No 10 Downing Street.

But the Manchester motor mouth, now performing solo with Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, bemoaned the current state of politics, attacking MPs for being into power rather than politics.

In an interview with the Quietus music website, the singer songwriter admitted he did not know much about Ukip leader Mr Farage, but went on: " He doesn't look like he could be mentally capable of running a corner shop, far less a f****** country. I'm not into politics any more, I don't read about it.

"These days, my own view is that if they truly, truly wanted to f****** better the lives of the people, surely they must all realise that a little bit of conservatism married with a little bit of socialism, married with a little bit of f****** Ukip and a little bit of Green and a little bit of Lib Democrats would be kind of perfect.

"But they're all into power, they're not into politics. And they're all career politicians and populists. And you know, the next prime minister after this one will be Boris Johnson because of that."

While bemoaning the current state of pop music, Gallagher also managed to dismiss the Tory and Labour leaders, saying politics was reflecting the blandness of the charts.

He said: "Art was better under Thatcher, not because of Thatcher but in spite of Margaret Thatcher.

"Now politics is mirroring society: it's bland. There's nothing. Who are these two bozos that are standing for election in a couple of months? They're career politicians. They don't stand for anything."

But despite the criticism, the guitarist revealed he would vote in May's general election - but probably not for Labour or the Tories.

He said: " There's nothing to vote for any more, but I will vote on the day. Yeah, I vote all the time.

"I'll pick the most ludicrous thing on the f****** ballot. Last time I voted for a little guy who was standing round here as a pirate. I can't not vote, because I think that's copping out, but my vote is to f****** vote for something ludicrous because the Labour Party are a f****** waste of time.

"I just don't trust - trust is not the right word - I don't believe in any of them.

"I really believed in Tony Blair, for right or wrong, and until al Qaida flew those planes into those towers. Everyone seems to forget that things before that were f****** alright.

"And now the Conservatives are just ... I mean, what the f***? David Cameron, he's trying to be your mate. 'Oh, I really like The Jam'. Thatcher was just like, 'I'm f****** you in the arse, f*** what you say'. You can kind of respect that."

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