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'No, I'm not in jail' - husband of Virginia Macari following conviction for fraud

"No, I'm not in jail. The situation is a lot more complex than has been portrayed in the Irish media," socialite Virginia Macari's beau tells Barry Egan from their beachfront pad in Marbella

Virginia Macari with her fiance Kaste Dahl
Virginia Macari with her fiance Kaste Dahl
Virginia Macari and partner Kaste Photo: Kieran Hartnett VIP magazine

Despite being convicted on 17 counts of loan fraud - totted up at €4.1m - in a court in Oslo less than two weeks ago, Kaste Dahl remains remarkably cheery, chipper even.

"I'm certainly not in jail, as reported," Kaste told me yesterday on the phone from his home in Marbella, where he is staying with his Cork-born fiancée, Virginia Macari. They live near the sea on Mistral Beach.

Virginia Macari with her fiance Kaste Dahl
Virginia Macari with her fiance Kaste Dahl

"My lawyers are still working to resolve this. What has been written has been wildly exaggerated. It is unlikely that I will have to serve any time [in jail]."

"That's all I want to say other than I love Virginia," Kaste said, referring to the fragrant former star of TV3's Dublin Wives, Ms Macari.

"She is a great woman who has given me her unwavering support throughout this ordeal which is a lot more complicated than has been reported in the Irish media."

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Kaste added he and Virginia and their young child Thor, now a bouncing two year old, are attending the Easter processions in nearby Malaga today.

Tonight she will be cooking dinner at home for Kaste at their rather sumptuous home in Marbella.

(The image of Virginia cooking tonight in Marbs put me in mind of a joke Virginia once told me about herself - quoting Jerry Hall's feminist-infuriating maxim that a woman should be "a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom," Virginia laughed, then added deliciously: "And I do have to say - I am a great cook!")

"Everything in my life is normal," Kaste said yesterday, adding that he and Virginia and toddler Thor will be in Dublin next month for a week's holiday.

'Dublin Wives' star Virginia Macari and her Norwegian fiance Kaste Dahl
'Dublin Wives' star Virginia Macari and her Norwegian fiance Kaste Dahl

"We are in Dublin all the time," he said. He added that his beautiful wife-to-be was busy putting the finishing touches to her debut swimwear collection.

Kaste and Virginia have been together since 2009. They met in August that year at Oslo Fashion Week. They got engaged on a boat in New York's Central Park on May 28, 2012 and quickly became one of the Ireland's golden couples.

That glorious golden sheen became somewhat tarnished when Kaste was arrested in Spain last March and pleaded guilty to fraud charges in Norway earlier last year.

Kaste Dahl and Virginia Macari
Kaste Dahl and Virginia Macari

In her only interview since the scandal about her fiancé broke last summer, Virginia told me in November about the biggest struggle of her life: "The morning he left for Malaga, Kas kissed me and hugged me and said: 'I already miss you', as he always does when he travels. It was around lunchtime when he rang and told me he had been arrested. I screamed down the phone: 'For what?'

"And that was it," she continued.

"I didn't hear from him for three days. I went into full functional overdrive that day. I called my family and told them.

"It was almost like a reverse nightmare," the half-Irish, half-Italian beauty said. "Like when you wake up from a nightmare, you're so relieved. But I woke up into a nightmare," she says. "I felt like I was grieving. I still didn't know what was going on. I thought I was never going to see him again. That was the lowest point of my life.

"Kas will not be going to jail," she said almost like a mantra.

"You have to realise, this was just a few weeks of our lives. When it happened I wasn't crying in front of everyone to see. I wept at home alone. I waited until Thor went to sleep and I just let it all out. They were heavy tears. I can't cry more than I've cried. I've been in the lowest of lows, I experienced what it's like to be down, but I've come out the other end. It's my personality to overcome things. I'm a strong woman," she said adding that her mother, Clara, has been "a rock".

"The worst is over now," she told me last November. "We've moved on. Of course it was hard that it hit the papers as well. It's not pleasant everyone reading your woes."

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Virginia continued that she was "frightened of the reaction we would get socially". But she said: "When I turned on my phone the day after the headlines, I was overcome with emotion with the amount of beautiful and loving messages and calls we got.

"From friends, colleagues, family and even people I have never met. Everyone telling me to stay strong and that they love us no matter what."

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