Wednesday 23 May 2018

No audition - or jacket - required for Poldark star Aidan Turner

Aidan Turner also revealed his tough training regime to get in shape for the role
Aidan Turner also revealed his tough training regime to get in shape for the role

Aidan Turner has admitted that his star-making turn in Poldark is the first role he has not had to audition for.

Turner set pulses racing as the shirtless Cornish heartthrob and has revealed it was the first time he wasn't put through his paces before he was offered the job.

The Dublin-born actor told the Radio Times: "I usually audition for things but they just sent me the scripts and the books, and asked me if I wanted to play the role.

"It's the only thing I've got offered in my entire life! Everybody else must have been busy."

Tuner, 32, had three months to get into character as Ross Poldark, saying: "It gave me tonnes of time to keep reading the books and the script and to figure out how I see the character and mentally prepare for it, get the accent down, get in shape, have horse riding lessons..."

He also decided to keep his long hair, which paid off when filming started, telling the magazine: "When the offer came in and I read the book, there was a moment when I went, "Let's not go to the barber's, let's keep this long, see what they want to do with it."

He added: "Physically I saw Ross in a certain way. He's strong, does a lot of manual labour, if he's not on the horse he's down a mine, he's building stuff, he's got a farm... It just made sense for him to be fit and strong.

"So I went to the gym a bit more, ate a little less, all those boring things. Unfortunately there's no little pill you can take to grow a six-pack."

One thing Turner did not have to prepare was a Cornish accent, having decided his character went to public school so wouldn't have had a West Country lilt.

He admitted he still struggles to understand his co-stars who do speak with the accent, saying: "When I listen to Jud and Prudie (played by Philip Davis and Beatie Edney), I can't understand a single word of it! And even Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) at times, I look at her script, which is written phonetically, and I can't work any of it out."

Turner also failed to master the ancient art of scything, despite the now-notorious meadow-mowing scene.

He said: "Anyone who knows scything looked at that scene and thought, 'Oh, dear God, what is he doing?' A couple of experts criticised my technique and they were dead right to!

"There was an expert there, looking at me while I was doing it and shaking his head. I'd go back and say, 'Show me again,' just to make him happy, and then I'd get back in front of the camera and carry on swinging it around..."

Poldark is expected to return to our screens in the autumn.

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