Monday 16 December 2019

Nicole Kidman’s father dies in fall

Freya Drohan

The actress’ father has reportedly fallen to his death in Singapore.

According to Australian news outlets, Nicole Kidman’s father Dr Anthony Kidman fell to his death while visiting her younger sister Antonia.

The respected psychologist served as Director of the Health Psychology Unit at Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital.

A regular speaker on radio and television, he was awarded an Order of Australia medal in 2005 for his contributions to clinical psychology.

Nicole previously credited her father for helping her through her separation from Tom Cruise:

“When my marriage to Tom fell apart, I really needed to reach out to my dad, and he was wonderful," she said.

"He stood by me, comforted me; showed me, at a time when I really needed to see it, the way that a man can be strong, dignified and loving.

"I'm very grateful that I had such a good father to see me through that time because it put me in good stead for trusting again the next time I fell in love. My father . . . is a very good and decent man."

Nicole's mother Janelle, a nursing instructor, edited her husband's books on mental health, which include 2011's Staying Sane In The Fast Lane, which focused on the effects of technology on daily life.

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