Sunday 8 December 2019

Nicola McLean vows to quit Celebrity Big Brother after being branded 'a bully'

Vanessa Feltz is returning to Celebrity Big Brother
Vanessa Feltz is returning to Celebrity Big Brother
Nicola McLean said she wanted to leave the Celebrity Big Brother house

Nicola McLean vowed to quit Celebrity Big Brother after she was branded "argumentative" and "a bully" during the courtroom task.

The model was one of several housemates put on trial in a mock court, presided over by former contestant Vanessa Feltz, and found herself under fire for her treatment of Jedward.

"I'm done ... I'm going home now," she told Big Brother after the trial ended.

Feltz, who seemed to have an on-screen breakdown when she appeared in the first celebrity edition of the reality television programme, returned alongside fellow former contestants John McCririck, Saira Khan, Austin Armacost and Luisa Zissman.

The group were tasked with trying the current crop of housemates for not living up to expectations.

When McLean was in the dock, Irish twins Jedward accused her of being "a bully" - although Judge Feltz said bully was too strong a word and that the model was not being accused of that - and suggested she was catty and resembled the Blair Witch.

Former housemate Zissman told McLean she was coming across as "paranoid, argumentative and horrible" on the Channel 5 programme.

Visibly upset, McLean retreated to the Diary Room where she told Big Brother: "I am 100% going home. Don't speak to me, don't ask me. I'm going home.

"My mind is completely made up."

She said the courtroom task had been completely negative and insisted: "I'm not a bully."

McLean is one of several housemates facing eviction, alongside Jedward, cleaning guru Kim Woodburn, footballer Jamie O'Hara and model Calum Best.

The evicted housemate will leave by the house back door on Sunday and their exit will be shown in Monday's episode.

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