Monday 23 April 2018

Niall Quinn's model daughter Aisling splits with long-term beau Ashley

Model couple Aisling Quinn and Ashley Duane
Barry Egan

Barry Egan

Flags will be at half mast over Castle Quinn.

Or at least in the stately Kildare residence of Niall and Gillian Quinn.

Their beloved, and beautiful, daughter Aisling and her long-term boyfriend Ashley Duane are sadly no longer an item. And they seemed to have such a bright future, too. But we'll get to that.

"It is amicable. We are still friends. We broke up two and a half months ago," Aisling told me. "We just grew apart."

Model couple Aisling Quinn and Ashley Duane
Model couple Aisling Quinn and Ashley Duane

This is especially dispiriting because Aisling and Ashley were shaping up to be a brand on a par with Brippa. They both called each other Ash, for God's sakes too.

They appeared together on the cover of the Sunday Independent's LIFE magazine as recently as May 24, with the headline: 'Young Love: Irish Modelling's Golden Couple'.

In it, the two 21-year-olds gushed over each other with the romantic gusto of those of their vintage.

"Ashley doesn't really know how great he is," Aisling said. "He is my best friend. He is very supportive and dedicated. He is great fun as well. We always have a good time."

Ashley Duane, Aisling Quinn
Ashley Duane, Aisling Quinn

And Ashley didn't hold back either. "Aisling is really caring and she always puts others before herself. She is really loving." She is now free to give her love to someone else.

They became an item in June 2013 at the K Club when Ashley turned to Aisling and told her: 'I have feelings for you.'

The following month, they jetted off to Barcelona for the weekend with Gillian and Niall. There were also trips to Berlin and Paris staying in a chic apartment off the Champs-Elysees. It appeared to be going so well.

For their first anniversary last year, the golden couple thought big: Ashley got Aisling a big picture of the globe with the precise instructions to scratch off the places she'd been to. "There is so much of the world that we haven't seen together," Aisling told LIFE magazine.

Alas, Aisling will have to find some other love to explore the world with now.

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