Tuesday 16 July 2019

Niall Horan challenged to 'Ice Bucket Challenge' by unlikely Pearl Jam pal Vedder

One Direction pictured with Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder
One Direction pictured with Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder

Anita McSorley

Niall Horan has been nominated to throw a bucket of ice cold water over his head as part of a new viral craze taking over online.

The One Direction superstar (20) was called to take part in the ice bucket challenge yesterday by unlikely celebrity pal Eddie Vedder, frontman of legendary grunge band Pearl Jam.

The two struck up a friendship last year when Eddie (49) brought his family to meet the Mullingar native while he was on tour in Seattle with One Direction.

After the get-together an excited Niall tweeted a picture of the meeting.

“Eddie vedder came in today with his family” #legend #pearljam," he captioned the snap.

If Niall agrees to take part in the challenge he will join a throng of celebrities who have already volunteered to throw buckets of ice cold water over themselves in aid of charity.

Bill Gates (58), Taylor Swift (24) and Oprah Winfery (60) are just a few of the celebrities who have already taken part in the dare.

Celebrities film themselves doing the challenge and post it on social media, nominating others to follow suit.

Eddie Vedder accepted the challenge from bandmate Mike McCready (49) before passing it on to three further celebrities.

Niall Horan was nominated alongside Bruce Springsteen (64) and Tim Robbins (55).

Will Niall accept the icy challenge?

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