Monday 16 December 2019

New Xpose host Cassie Stokes says she has no time for love: 'I'm dating my job right now'

Cassie Stokes when she was unveiled as the new face of TV3's Xposé. Picture: Brian McEvoy
Cassie Stokes when she was unveiled as the new face of TV3's Xposé. Picture: Brian McEvoy
Cassie Stokes at the VIP Style Awards 2016
Cassie Stokes
New Xpose presenter Cassie Stokes

Sean O'Grady

She's made a splash with viewers on TV3's Xpose, but Cassie Stokes has admitted she's so dedicated to her job she has no time for dating.

The Dundrum presenter is filling in for permanent host Karen Koster, who is on maternity leave after welcoming her second son, John James.

Cassie returned from Canada, after living there for four years, to fill in for Karen.

She admitted that, although she uses online dating sites, she's completely focused on her job for now.

Cassie Stokes
Cassie Stokes

"I think I actually am on Tinder - but I am dating my job right now. I am in a relationship with my job," she told the Diary.

The TV star is a self-confessed workaholic, but she always tries to find time to cut loose.

"I always find time to enjoy myself. Whether online dating works out or not, it's always a great story to tell - and always a great way to meet new people."

Although Xpose is her biggest presenting role to date, Cassie said she wasn't that nervous about joining the entertainment show, having previously been a host on sister channel 3e.

Myself and this guy on set doing our best smiles for the camera... I need a bit more practice

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"I was so excited - I think my excitement took over from my nerves," she said.

"TV3 is like home, because I had worked there for a good few years. I already knew a lot of people and I think that really helped.

"You know, when you go into a new job and you don't know half the people? That element was just taken out of it.

"I was really happy to get it and I just wanted to do everything right."

Cassie Stokes at the VIP Style Awards 2016
Cassie Stokes at the VIP Style Awards 2016

Although she sometimes has to work long hours, the blonde said she that would not have it any other way.

"It's so nice to be busy and I had the best reason to come home to Ireland," she said.

"The hours can be crazy because you're doing stuff outside of Xpose, such as hosting events.

"They can vary. I went to London last weekend and [co-host] Ruth O'Neill was there. You don't have the same thing all the time.

"They look after us very well. Some hours are spent getting your hair and make-up done."

While she may only be covering for Karen, Cassie has her fingers crossed she will pick up another job on the small screen when her spell on Xpose ends.

"You never know. I am just doing maternity cover - it's amazing exposure.

"If all it is was maternity cover, that would be amazing. I love working in TV so I would jump at an opportunity to continue working in the business."

Cassie previously said she'd love to stay on Xpose if the station bosses wanted to keep her.


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