Monday 19 March 2018

New Big Brother housemates revealed

Former evicted housemate, Simon Gross, re-entered the Big Brother house
Former evicted housemate, Simon Gross, re-entered the Big Brother house

Big Brother's four new contestants have been revealed - and they include the first housemate to have been evicted this series.

The Channel 5 reality show announced earlier this week that there would be a twist in last night's episode, which would see four of the housemates who thought they were safe from eviction booted out, to be replaced by four new people.

It had also been teased that there would be a familiar face among the newcomers, and last night viewers saw that Simon Gross, who was evicted just two hours after entering the house on launch night, was rejoining his former housemates.

Here are the profiles of the new contestants:

:: Harry Amelia Martin, a 22-year-old model from Loughborough who has worked as a dominatrix and is planning on donning plenty of PVC outfits in the house.

Martin said: "Drama follows me everywhere because my gob runs away with me. I am very honest and I don't mince my words. I've got an opinion on everything. It doesn't mean it's the right one, but I'm going to say it anyway."

:: Marc O'Neill, a 29-year-old student and stripper from Kildare, Ireland, will have earned the title Dr O'Neill by the time he graduates in October, but says he has three very different personas: "Marc with a C is the scientist, Mark with a K is the stripper and Marq with a Q is an absolute lunatic."

O'Neill, who revealed that he already knows current housemate Jade Lynch, added: "I've built up a tolerance to hate her already."

:: Sam Kay, a 27-year-old personal trainer from Cardiff, has previously auditioned for The X Factor where she was branded "like Marmite" by judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini.

Kay said: "This is basically what I have been leading up to my whole life. I have done so many random things all over this wonderful world and this is my moment to just have a laugh and make everyone else laugh with me."

:: Simon Gross, a 46-year-old theatre company owner from Kent who was among the original line-up of housemates, but was evicted after just two hours in the series's first twist.

He said of being booted out on the first evening: "I was gutted. I felt cheated. It was like being dragged away from your family even though I had only known those people for two hours. It was a horrible feeling."

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