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Nadia Forde says final farewell to mother Berenice at funeral: 'I'm in awe of her courage'



Nadia Forde said her final farewell to her mother Berenice Paolozzi at her funeral today.

The model and her brother Stephen paid their respects at their mother's funeral today at Gabriel’s Church in Clontarf.

They were supported in their grief by their grandmother and Berenice's mother Bernie, who raised them.

Berenice passed away on Saturday night after battling lymphoma cancer for the last several years.


Nadia described her mother as a "queen of hearts" and a "real gem" in her eulogy.

"We've had stories from all over the world and it's amazing for us to hear stories her travelling during her life," she said.

"She put up a serious fight in the past five years. I have been left in awe of her courage. I hope I can show as much resilience as her in the face of challenges. Thank you to my brother Stephen, for being a constant support. He has been a rock for my mum.

"What I hope to take with me is her sense of adventure and a part of me believes she's left this life to start a new one."


"I have never felt more like a daughter than I do today and I thank you, mum, for that."

Forde's friends and family including fellow model Lynn Kelly, TV producer John Norton, Jonny Sexton's wife Laura with their young son Luca, producer Karl Broderick and her publicist Joanne Byrne were among the mourners at today's ceremony.

Berenice will be cremated at Glasnevin Crematorium.


The 26-year-old was at her mother's bedside during her final moments and she has posted a touching post on Instagram, honouring her mother.

"In the blink of an eye, everything can change," the post reads. "So forgive often and love with all your heart. You may never know when you may not have that chance again."

While the pair remained in touch since reconnecting, Nadia had admitted their relationship continued to be strained.

“It’s a weird thing, I get asked about it a lot and it’s not something I volunteered to be out there, but it is out there,” she said recently.

“It’s a difficult relationship. Day-to-day I don’t know where I stand with it. Different days, I feel different things.

“Anybody who has cancer in their family, no matter what their relationship is, estranged or not, will understand what a horrible illness it is,” she added.

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