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My tumour survival astounded doctors, reveals ex-model Lara


Former Dublin model Lana Kurasidze

Former Dublin model Lana Kurasidze

Former Dublin model Lana Kurasidze

A FORMER Dublin model said she feels like the "walking dead" after defying doctors' warnings that she could die within months.

Lana Kurasidze, originally from Latvia, was working as a nightclub hostess and model in the city in 2006 when she was diagnosed with a brain tumour - glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).

The condition has left her in a wheelchair, with the neurological condition ataxia.

Despite doctors warning she had just months to live, Lana is now learning to use her legs again

"The tumour I have is one of the most common - what is rare is that I am in this world," she told the Herald.

"Life expectancy was up to two years, and I am alive nearly 10 years. I can see doctors, nurses and other medical staff looking at me with fear and amazement at the same time - it feels like I'm the walking dead. I've astounded them."


Lana (29) worked in a city centre nightclub, and friends rallied around to raise funds for her treatment.

She said that recovery hasn't come easily but, after surgery, she stuck with a strict physiotherapy plan.

The brave young woman now lives in Ballymun and desperately wants to speak to other survivors of GBM.

"Since the condition, I have become smarter, more positive, and I appreciate other things in life," she said.

"There is a group of Irish brain tumour survivors, but nobody with GBM. I'd like to meet some face to face."

Anyone who would like to reach Lana can find her on Facebook under Lana Salome Kurasidze, and on YouTube.

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