Friday 18 October 2019

My future at 2fm lies in hands of station bosses, says Ryan Tubridy

Tubridy is staying the morning slot
Tubridy is staying the morning slot

Laura Butler

RYAN Tubridy has confirmed he will continue in his weekday morning slot despite a shake-up in 2fm, but has accepted his "destiny" lies in the hands of the station bosses.

Although head of 2fm Dan Healy is looking to make changes to the schedule, and Hector O hEochagain's breakfast slot was last month cut from the line-up, 40-year-old Tubridy told the Irish Independent he will "100pc be remaining" where he is.

"I loved working with Hector and I loved his show. I thought he signed off in a really stylish way and now it's about the future," Tubridy told this newspaper.

"It's what's next in 2fm that is exciting, but I will be staying in my slot -- I can confirm that 100pc, I will be there," 'The Late Late Show' host said.

"But there will be change around me. I await it with interest and change is healthy."

With the release of the latest JNLR figures at the end of January, the father of two said that he's feeling apprehensive, but no longer lets himself get uptight about the ratings results.

Tubridy's programme has 152,000 listeners. "I will be nervous (about the JNLRs), they're like a report card and I will wait with curiosity to see how it goes. But I will also say that my fate regarding radio and television is in the hands of others," Tubridy said.

"Whatever happens, happens. I have to be very philosophical about what happens. It's not up to me, I just do my best. The people who are important make decisions."

He continued: "I'm very happy with my team and I'm very happy with the content. I have no issue with the radio thing and if the figures go up or down, the decision on whether they've gone up enough or down too much is up to the bosses.

"I'm not actually the master of my own destiny in that regards. I'm quite chilled out about it. What would be the point (of worrying)? It would be a total waste of my time."

Irish Independent

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