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My client would like to kiss your client


Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Who would have thought being famous would involve so much extra paperwork?

Take Britney Spears, for example, reported to have arranged for her new fella to sign a confidentiality agreement before their first date. Imagine. Eyes meet across crowded room, smiles are exchanged, then small talk, then phone numbers. After which, it's just a small matter of consulting respective lawyers and submitting the relevant paperwork before a night of nervous flirting and personal-history recounting can be theirs.

Britters might wish that there could be a similar legal injunction on pre-date googling and researching. There are definitely a few old paparazzi pictures and celebrity profiles out there that I'm sure she'd happily see "disappeared" under the EU's new Right To Be Forgotten law.

But failing that, she's obviously keen to protect her image in the future. And one only has to remember the name Kevin Federline to understand why. But it does create quite an air of intrigue around what a date with Ms Spears might involve that's so top secret. Does she like to do a little recreational code-breaking in her spare time? Is she dabbling in some light satanism? Maybe she's a member of the Freemasons.

Whatever exciting top-secret activities a night on the town with Britney involves, it seems to be working magic on her new beau. With the bureaucratic particulars now out of the way, she and new boyfriend Charlie Ebersol appear to be going strong. She just published a picture of the two of them via Twitter. Though presumably Ebersol will be keeping much more quiet about the romance on social networking, for fear of being in breach of his contract.

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