Saturday 23 November 2019

Movie star Debbie Reynolds' son plans museum to show her famous costumes

By Joe Nerssessian

Todd Fisher revealed his mother was “obsessed” with preserving costumes.

Debbie Reynolds’ son is to preserve the late Hollywood star’s memory by launching a museum of her most famous outfits and items.

The Singin’ In The Rain star began collecting memorabilia, including the typewriter from Citizen Kane, in the 1960s and at one point had around 3,000 costumes from across dozens of Academy Award-nominated films.

After a failed attempt to launch a Las Vegas museum for the collection in the 1990s, Debbie began auctioning off some of the outfits before her death in December, aged 84.

Now Todd Fisher is laying plans for a new museum effort, starting with a exhibition of his mother’s most famous garments from her biggest movies at the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival (TCMFF).

Todd revealed his mother was “obsessed” with preserving costumes.

He told People: “At one point, we had 3,000 costumes that represented every Academy Award-winning film that had ever been even nominated for Best Production Design or Costume Design since the beginning of the Academy, and beyond … People have no clue how into this she was.”

He said the next step would be to “build a little museum at Debbie Reynolds Studios temporarily”.

“I know that a museum is slow-coming. I will put that up first, and I will show them the way. Let’s just see what happens.”

“There were many attempts in the early years to actually put this together, and it never happened.”

Todd added: “I’m doing what I think my mother would want, based on my genetics, based on my upbringing, based on my programming from her. And boy, don’t get in my way.”

The outfits will be displayed from April 6 to April 9 at TCMFF.

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