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Money Heist star: I cried when I learned we would get another series

Ursula Corbero stars in the Spanish-language crime show.


Money Heist star Ursula Corbero has said she burst into tears upon learning the show would get a third series.

The crime thriller, known in Spanish as La Casa de Papel, is the most-watched series not in the English language on Netflix.

The series was originally created for Spanish channel Antena 3 and the cast believed the show was over when the second series concluded.

However, Netflix announced that another instalment would be made especially for the streaming service.

Corbero, who plays the central character of Tokyo, told the Press Association: “I got a call saying it was happening and I was like ‘No, no, and just started crying’.”

Alvaro Morte, who plays the mysterious criminal mastermind El Professor, added: “(When I thought it was over) there was this feeling of grieving because of my connection with my character.

“I think it’s something that happened to all of us. The connection to my character was like if you have a twin brother and you play at interchanging your personalities.

“It was that kind of connection and suddenly one day, goodbye, you’re not going to see him any more for the rest of your life.

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“It was very sad. There was plenty of joy in the way we think we have done it the best that we could.

“We are happy with the result but it was like a sour-sweet feeling that now it’s finished and we are not going to be Tokyo and The Professor .

“I remember the call (to say we were getting a third series), I was on a train from Madrid to Barcelona and there was not good signal. I could not scream out my happiness, I was so excited, we are so happy.”

The show has been a hit around the world and Morte said that has brought with it some committed international fans.

He said: “People say ‘Have you seen this?’ There is a guy in Brazil who has tattooed my face on his body. Crazy things.

“It’s very nice because people love your work, a work that you have made with a lot of love, a love that is going and coming back. It’s a circle, it’s a beautiful thing.”

Corbero added: “It’s all been a bit crazy, it’s true to say that social media does give you a gauge of things but it’s only when I’ve left Spain that I’ve actually got the message of the success we have had.

“We have a WhatsApp chat group where everything that we have seen about ourselves we put up and there is all sorts of information about photos, fan art, graffiti in Brazil – my face on a wall, which is absolutely insane – it’s very funny, it’s beautiful but it’s funny.”

Part two of Money Heist is streaming on Netflix now. Part three is expected to be released in 2019.

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