Tuesday 10 December 2019

Moffat spills beans on Doctor Who

Steven Moffat has treated Doctor Who fans to some inside secrets at London Comic Con
Steven Moffat has treated Doctor Who fans to some inside secrets at London Comic Con

Doctor Who executive producer Steven Moffat has delighted fans of the show at London Comic Con by revealing some inside information on the hit sci-fi show.

Steven answered questions from the audience about the series, which is due to start again in August with Peter Capaldi as the Time Lord, at the fan event.

According to the Radio Times, he sat alongside Jenna Coleman who plays Doctor's assistant Clara Oswald and revealed some details about what it is like on set, and what is in store for the next series.

One fan tweeted: "Some nasty and unpleasant scenes coming up in series 8 says Steven Moffat. - Told you. He's not the man you thought you knew."

Another tweeted that there would be no cross over with Steven's other hit show Sherlock, for a good reason: "Q: 'Any chance of a Sherlock crossover?' Moffat: 'No, because he's fictional in the DW universe. Madam Vastra's the real Holmes'."

Other revelations posted on Twitter included: "Steven Moffat reveals he has a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in their Sherlock outfits in the TARDIS," and "Steven Moffat reveals Matt Smith's final filmed scene on Doctor Who featured him in a harness with his trousers down. (Scene unused)."

Meanwhile, the first episode of series eight, Deep Breath, which introduces Peter's Doctor has been leaked online from part of the BBC's commercial arm in the US, according to The Sun.

Steven said of the leak, which is a black and white rough edit minus special effects: "Someone has screwed up. The launch of a new Time Lord is the most exciting but the most dangerous moment in the show - so let's keep Peter Capaldi's first episode special.

"Don't peek early - temptation is deadly but resistance is not futile."

A BBC Worldwide spokesperson said: "We'd like to thank the amazing Doctor Who fans who are continuing to keep fan sites and social media spoiler-free. We would remind anyone downloading and sharing this material that it is illegal to do so."

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