Tuesday 24 October 2017

Model mum Sarah blasts Kim Kardashian's baby ear piercing as 'cruel'

Sarah McGovern with little Robyn (five months)
Sarah McGovern with little Robyn (five months)
Sarah McGovern, Andrea Roche Models and guests at the annual DIT Fashion Show
Model mum Sarah McGovern pictured with daughter Robyn aged 9 weeks at the launch of Lidl’s range of special offers for Mother’s Day. Pic: Marc O'Sullivan
McGovern pictured late last year
Sarah McGovern Vaughan and Ruth Griffin at the 2014 VIP Style Awards at the Marker Hotel, Dublin. Picture:Arthur Carron

Model Sarah McGovern has hit out at Kim Kardashian for the “cruel” way she’s had her baby’s ears pierced, the Diary can reveal.

The reality star sparked controversy this week after being snapped with baby North sporting a pair of diamond studs to match those worn by her famous mum.

But while Sarah (34) welcomed in baby Robyn with husband Kenny five months ago, she said there’s no way she would pierce her child’s ears.

“I was in Portugal for a few days and I saw a baby over there, she was about five months old, and she had her ears pierced and I was thinking, There’s no way I’d do that’. It must be a Mediterranean thing but it’s a fashion thing as well,” she said.

“I think it’s a bit cruel to be honest. The baby doesn’t even know any different, it’s more for the parents and it must hurt having it done.

“Maybe when they’re communion age and they can make up their own mind about it, that’s different.

“My nieces both had it done for their seventh birthday and that’s time enough as by then, they can make up their own mind on it.”


The well-known beauty already has a little boy named Jude (2) and gave birth to her second baby last January.

“Robyn’s doing great. She was five months on Friday and is starting to teeth now. The time is just flying by,” Sarah said.

And like many of her model pals, it didn’t take Sarah long to snap back into shape and was back modelling a few months later.

She had done lots of maternity modelling on both her babies as she didn’t let her pregnancy get in the way of her work.

The model, who is with Andrea Roche’s agency, admits that it has been “hectic” juggling two youngsters with work but she’s gradually getting used to the new routine.

Model Sarah McGovern modelling clothes and accessories from Pamela Scott

Ambitious Sarah has now turned her hand towards a fragrant new project, namely working as an agent for Spanish perfume company Saphir.

She has been busy helping the new brand launch into Ireland and says it’s already been getting a “brilliant” reaction.

“It has over 70 different fragrances but is a fraction of the price of the big range perfumes,” she said.

Dubliner Sarah also works as a jewellery agent for Gemini & Miss Chic jewellery and is a UNICEF ambassador.

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