Thursday 22 August 2019

Miriam O'Callaghan: 'I never use the word genuinely... genuinely'

Miriam O'Callaghan
Miriam O'Callaghan
Mario Rosenstock as Miriam O'Callaghan
Melanie Finn

Melanie Finn

RTE's golden girl Miriam O'Callaghan is helping Mario Rosenstock score a massive ratings hit with viewers.

But the mum-of-eight has insisted she never watches herself on TV and is oblivious to his skit on the new Mario Rosenstock Show.

Asked what she made of his impression of her, she said: "I am very, very fond of Mario and he is a wonderfully talented guy.

"However, I never, ever watch myself on television. I couldn't bear to, so I don't watch anyone pretending to be me either.

"But I gather from lots of people that he is very funny doing me - and no, I never use the word genuinely ... genuinely."

Donning a bleach-blonde wig and an eclectic range of sparkly evening dresses, Mario has said Miriam is one of his favourite people to impersonate in his new RTE show.


Now running for a third series and extended to an hour-long slot on RTE One on Sunday nights, the Mario Rosenstock Show is also hitting all the right notes with viewers.

Figures supplied to the Herald by RTE show it has become one of the most popular programmes of the week.

The first episode pulled in an average of 392,000 viewers, while last Sunday's episode with hotelier Francis Brennan had 346,000 viewers.

Viewers have watched him take off everyone from Katie Taylor to Roy Keane and he has introduced several new characters, including Ray D'Arcy.

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