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Miley Cyrus praises Liam Hemsworth and hints at Black Mirror appearance

Cyrus appeared on Howard Stern’s radio show.


Miley Cyrus praised Liam Hemsworth after the California wildfires (PA)

Miley Cyrus praised Liam Hemsworth after the California wildfires (PA)

Miley Cyrus praised Liam Hemsworth after the California wildfires (PA)

Miley Cyrus has praised her “survival partner” Liam Hemsworth and heavily hinted at an appearance on Black Mirror.

Last month the Malibu home Cyrus and Hemsworth shared was burned down as wildfires devastated large swathes of California.

The US popstar, 26, and the Australian actor, 28, shared pictures of the charred remains of the home on social media.

During an appearance on Howard Stern’s radio show on Wednesday, Cyrus said Hemsworth, who she has been dating on and off for eight years, was “incredible” during the fires and “that is why you pair up with someone, for survival”.

She said: “He got all the animals out in his truck. He put two pigs in crates, which, I can tell you, is so hard.”

Cyrus then joked: “He got a lot of action for saving the animals. Yeah, he got a lot of action. We had to make sure he knew I was very, very grateful.”

Cyrus, who as well as her pop career has starred in several films, has been heavily linked with an appearance on Netflix’s sci-fi television series Black Mirror for its upcoming fifth season.

When asked about it by Stern, Cyrus refused to confirm the rumours but said she will shake her head if he mentions the right show.

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Stern told listeners she had confirmed the news, though Cyrus pointed out she had not uttered the series’ name.

Cyrus also discussed her and Hemsworth’s living arrangements since the fire. She revealed the couple are settled in Nashville, Tennessee.

She said: “I think the hardest thing for both of us right now is to go back (to Malibu). A lot of people are starting to get back to their homes, people that didn’t lose their homes, but Malibu isn’t the same for right now. The air quality, the water, (Liam) surfs every day.”

During the California wildfires, stars including Kim Basinger, Gerard Butler, Robin Thicke and Neil Young were among those to lose or partially lose their homes.

Kim Kardashian West, Caitlyn Jenner and Lady Gaga were among those forced to flee.

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