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Michelle Rodriguez believes girlfriend Cara Delevingne is 'The One'


Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne

Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne


Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne

Michelle Rodriguez reportedly wants a baby with Cara Delevingne.

The Fast & Furious star was first linked to the 21-year-old British model at the beginning of this year and seemingly confirmed they were dating during an interview earlier this month.

Now a source close to the 35-year-old actress claims Michelle is absolutely smitten with the runway star and is already planning a future for them.

“Cara might be younger than her, but she honestly thinks this is 'The One'. Just before she met Cara she was talking about wanting a family within the next couple of years,” the insider told Mail Online.

“She really wants a baby and wants one soon and now she has found Cara she thinks this could finally be the time to chase that dream.”

Cara’s family are thought to be unsure about the relationship due to Michelle’s run-ins with the law.

In 2002 she was arrested for assault after fighting with her roommate and in 2003 she went to court to face eight misdemeanour charges based on two driving incidents.

Her pal thinks her childhood is to blame for both the legal issues and her apparent need to settle down.

“Michelle comes from a broken home and it has a lot to do with why she has found herself in trouble again and again throughout her life,” they continued.

“Constantly, she pushes boundaries and has been in trouble with the law, but really all of it is because she is desperate to be loved.

“Her mom and dad separated when she was a child and ever since Michelle has been yearning for some stability in her life.”

Michelle has dated both men and women in the past and has been linked to stars including Vin Diesel, Kristanna Loken and Olivier Martinez.

Apparently being with someone as young as Cara has done her the world of good.

“Sadly after years of dating older women and men like Olivier Martinez, nothing seemed to work out for her,” the source continued.

“But now Cara has come along, who is so much younger than the women she normally dates, but suddenly Michelle is happy again.”

According to her friend, the star can also be “intense” and has previously relied on partners to “mother” her.