Sunday 15 December 2019

Meghan Markle's father 'pretty happy about Harry', actress's brother reveals

Meghan Markle whose father is
Meghan Markle whose father is "pretty happy" about her relationship with Prince Harry

Prince Harry has met his girlfriend Meghan Markle's father, who is said to be "proud" of the relationship, according to reports.

The actress's older brother revealed the meeting between the 32-year-old royal and Thomas Markle, a 72-year-old former lighting director, took place during one of Harry's visits to Toronto, Canada.

Thomas Markle Jr told "My dad knew about (the relationship) from the start.

"He first met Prince Harry about six months ago out in Toronto. He goes once every couple of months - (Meghan and Thomas Markle Sr) are very close and they stay in close contact.

"He's pretty happy about Harry and he's extremely proud of her. They have an amazing relationship, they're very close and they always have been."

However Mr Markle said he was not sure whether Harry had met her mother yet.

It is thought the Suits star stayed with Harry at his home in the grounds of Kensington Palace when she visited in November.

The prince's relationship with the 35-year-old, which began in the summer, was confirmed when his communications secretary, Jason Knauf, issued a strongly-worded statement attacking the media over the "wave of abuse and harassment'' the actress had experienced.

Mr Knauf revealed the depth of Harry's feelings for his girlfriend when he said the Prince was ''worried about Ms Markle's safety'' and ''deeply disappointed that he has not been able to protect her''.

News of the couple's relationship broke in the Sunday Express in October with a source saying Harry was "happier than he's been for many years".

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