Sunday 20 October 2019

Meet controversial male model Ricki Hall aka ‘the real life Zoolander’

Male model Ricki Hall
Male model Ricki Hall

Freya Drohan

Male model Ricki Hall has been mocked for his outrageous quotes and one liners.

The tattooed and bearded model most recently came under fire for his statement that he likes to take style tips from the most unlikely sources.

"I take style tips from everything, even kids to homeless people. They can pull anything together and it just works," he told The Sunday Times Magazine.

Hall, who is also a stylist with online retailer ASOS, added, "homeless people can put anything together and it just works."

While the article carried the headline 'A Life In The Day of Hipster Model Ricki Hall' the Briton denied the fact that he is in any way a 'hipster'.

The 28-year-old told the magazine that he wakes up at 9am when his television automatically turns on Cartoon Network.

To start his day, he will have a coffee, porridge and a glass of ice cold water before jogging around his local park in South London (for which he will wear size 8 ladies jogging pants while listening to heavy metal music.)

Twitter users slammed the dad-of-one, prompting him to take to social media to defend himself.

"Haha I've been misquoted a few times in The Sunday Times interview. It happens dude," he wrote online.

Ricki is on Instagram as @RickiSamHall

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