Sunday 22 September 2019

'Me and my pecs are delighted with ourselves' - Vogue Williams hits back at 'boob job' body shamers

Vogue Williams is on a sun holiday. Picture: Instagram
Vogue Williams is on a sun holiday. Picture: Instagram
Vogue Williams. Picture: Instagram
Vogue Williams is on a sun holiday. Picture: Instagram
Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews. Picture: Instagram
Vogue Williams with son Theodore at his christening. Picture: Instagram

Eimear Rabbitt

Vogue Williams has said that being told by an online troll to get a boob job brought back past body insecurities.

The Dublin model-turned-presenter-and-DJ hit back after one of her social media followers told her she should go under the knife as she "had nothing there".

The fitness fanatic (33) was quick to share the message with her shocked followers, who sent her their support.

"Thank you for all the lovely comments about my pancakes," Vogue said in a post on her Instagram account on Sunday.

"I guess it kinda hit a nerve, mainly because it's always the thing I've been slagged about since I was young, and I finally feel happy with my body and along comes somebody telling me to get a boob job.

"I'm all for the people who want one (a boob job), but I don't - me and my pecs are delighted with ourselves.

Vogue Williams. Picture: Instagram
Vogue Williams. Picture: Instagram

"All the same, I don't think it's right to pass comment on anyone's appearance.

"There is too much of it going on, everyone's body is beautiful and unique.

"I'm over the days of wishing I looked like someone else or wishing I was a different size, the list goes on. I am happy just the way I am."

Vogue received the vile comment while enjoying a holiday in the south of France with her husband Spencer Matthews and 11-month-old son Theodore.

The Howth woman has shared photos of her toned physique in a series of bikinis as she enjoys the break.

Earlier this summer, she had to defend her weight after she was labelled "too skinny" online.

Vogue, who works out four times a week, most of which is documented on her social media channels, said she had been inundated with comm-ents about her weight.

"It's starting to get annoying, especially because I want to show a healthy lifestyle," Vogue said.

"I'm 64 kilos and five-foot-11. That's four kilos lighter than I used to sit before I had Theodore.

"I can't explain why, but that's where my weight comfortably sits.

"I train four times a week and try to eat healthily 80pc of the time. Please don't send messages about my weight any more."


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