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Mary Berry cooks up a storm with fans over her TV bolognese sauce recipe


The TV star on her new show, Mary Berry Everyday

The TV star on her new show, Mary Berry Everyday

The TV star on her new show, Mary Berry Everyday

Much-loved TV chef Mary Berry appears to have lost a few fans after sharing her recipe for a classic bolognese sauce.

The former Great British Bake Off judge used white wine, thyme, cream and an oven to create the Italian-inspired staple, leaving some viewers horrified.

Her dish was one of five demonstrated in Monday night's Hearty and Wholesome, the second episode in her latest BBC Two show Mary Berry Everyday.

Unimpressed viewers took to Twitter to share their disapproval, with one posting: "Just watched a cooking programme where Mary Berry put white whine in Bolognese. Turned it off. #shudders.

Another posted: "I love Mary Berry, but white wine in a bolognese sauce? No. It has to be red."

"Dear Mary Berry, this is NOT ragu Bolognese. It's a nice tomato sauce though," added another.

Some were also affronted by the cook's salad recipe, featuring ingredients such as red and white quinoa, bulgar wheat and pomegranate molasses.

Among a number of humorous posts accusing Berry of being everything from a hipster to overly politically correct, one person posted: "You know who has changed? Mary Berry. Pomegranate molasses I tell you."

One person joked: " Ahhh Mary Berry on #maryberryeveryday Quinoa and Pomegranate. You've lost it to the hipsters."

Commenting on the far from "everyday" ingredients, another added: "Mary Berry's cooking with quinoa and pomegranate molasses. We've hit peak Waitrosetastic."

But the complaints were still outweighed by Berry's legions of adoring social media fans.

As viewers watched her put on a beekeeping suit to learn how honey is made, one summarised: "Just watched a show where Mary Berry tried her hand at beekeeping. What's more comforting than that?"

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