Monday 23 April 2018

Martin Freeman hails 'impressive' Jeremy Corbyn

Sherlock star Martin Freeman said he was impressed by Jeremy Corbyn
Sherlock star Martin Freeman said he was impressed by Jeremy Corbyn

Hollywood star Martin Freeman has hailed Jeremy Corbyn as the most impressive Labour leadership contender.

But the Sherlock actor, who fronted a general election broadcast for Labour, also said he thinks Mr Corbyn's critics are correct.

In a session at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, Freeman was asked if Mr Corbyn would be his preference in Labour's leadership race, and he said "yes" but added that he thinks his critics are right.

"And if it means we're in the wilderness ... then it's no good at all," he said.

But he added: "However, I happen to think that he is the most impressive one of the four. I do."

He said that while he respects all four contenders, Mr Corbyn is the "most impressive one as an individual".

Freeman said he did the general election film for Labour "just because, gun to the head, that's who I'm going to go with".

He added: "It's always the best of a bad lot in politics."

Mr Corbyn is up against Andy Burnham, Liz Kendall and Yvette Cooper. Back in March before the general election, Freeman's high-profile celebrity endorsement delighted Labour activists.

First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon also spoke up for Mr Corbyn at the festival.

She told the festival crowd she is "enjoying watching" the leadership contest.

Asked who she would vote for, she said: "I don't know. I'd struggle to vote for any of them to be honest.

"Jeremy Corbyn, give him his due, at least he's got people talking, at least he's got people, you know, inspired. That's not to say I agree with him on many things.

"But he's got people thinking that this is all worth taking part in, and it's a long time since anybody in the Labour party's been able to do that, so I give him a lot of credit for that."

Ms Sturgeon added: "I'm really disappointed that neither of the two women have managed to really shine through and seize the moment on this."

Asked who she is most scared will win, she said: "I'm not that bothered." As the crowd laughed, she said she did not mean that to sound disrespectful.

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