Tuesday 19 November 2019

Marry Me stars on romance niggles

Casey Wilson and Ken Marino play an engaged couple in E4 comedy, Marry Me
Casey Wilson and Ken Marino play an engaged couple in E4 comedy, Marry Me

Marry Me stars Ken Marino and Casey Wilson have revealed they can relate to some of the relationship obstacles encountered in their new show.

The pair play engaged couple Annie Fletcher and Jake Schuffman, who have to battle through the tricky stage from proposal to wedding while also moving in together.

"There are relationship things we relate to. One of the things is, they watch a show together and one of them watched the show without the other one," Ken said.

"I can relate to that one. If my wife watches a show I watch, that we watch together, without me, I get very upset."

The second episode, which will air on Thursday (January 22), sees Annie and Jake moving in together, after Jake popped the question.

"Immediately after the pilot, Jake moves in with me and I get a little bit claustrophobic, so I do transition into my car. Just a little bit," Casey said.

"I watch shows in there, paint my nails and just take a little me time. It's important to take a little space. It's a little extreme in the car and I put up curtains and things..."

Ken added: "It is a one-bedroom apartment."

The E4 comedy is loosely based on Casey's real-life relationship with the show's creator David Caspe. The actress, who is pregnant with her first child, admitted sometimes the show's situations seem close to her own life.

"I do [relate to it], especially with the moving in thing and getting claustrophobic experience," she explained. "But largely, the writers are so crazy and they seem to have very crazy things going on in their own lives that they've put in the show, so I blame them more than my own relationship."

The stars also joked that they had a real-life relationship, as part of their research for the show.

Ken, who has two children with writer wife Erica Oyama, quipped: "Three months before we started shooting, we moved in together and we got married after four months, and this is my baby... We're just getting deep into it."

Casey added: "So we've done a lot of work. I just hope there's a second season because it's a lot to commit to. Which we were both happy to do."

:: Marry Me continues on E4 at 9.30pm on Thursdays.

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