Monday 16 December 2019

Marco Pierre White's son cooks up Big Brother row with f-word outburst

Victoria (right) and Emma Jensen enter the Big Brother House during the latest series of the Channel 5 programme at Elstree Studios in Borehamwood.
Victoria (right) and Emma Jensen enter the Big Brother House during the latest series of the Channel 5 programme at Elstree Studios in Borehamwood.
Rylan Clark-Neal

The son of celebrity chef Marco Pierre White got the Big Brother launch off to a controversial start by swearing live on air.

Marco Pierre White jr, 20, dropped the f-bomb during his interview with host Emma Willis.

The model, who sports a series of eye-catching tattoos, continued to swear inside the Elstree house.

As the popular reality show got under way on Channel 5, White promised viewers: "Ain't no sleeping when I'm around."

Willis, 40, called this "the biggest shake-up in Big Brother history".

"It's a new game, new rules and nobody is safe," she said. "Big Brother has cooked up the most devious game yet."

The second contestants to enter the house were twins Emma and Victoria. They will count as one housemate.

Andy West, a former BBC reporter, was the third person to face the raucous crowd.

The 34-year-old gay journalist left the corporation over homophobic comments made by boxer Tyson Fury.

Laura Carter was booed as she hit the stage for her interview with Willis.

The 30-year-old, who has admitted to cosmetic surgery to enlarge her breasts, said she could have any man she wanted in her VT.

Alex Cannon, the co-host of MTV's Judge Geordie, has been modelling for 10 years.

The fifth person to enter the house, he is a close friend of I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! 2015 winner Vicky Pattison.

Lateysha Grace is no stranger to reality TV - the brash brunette first made her name in MTV reality series The Valleys.

Grace, who has branded herself as "the Welsh Beyonce", told Willis during her interview that the only person she is scared of is her mother.

Evelyn Ellis, 20, is from Sydney but now lives in London. The Australian club hostess admitted to being "very demanding" and said the Big Brother entrance was "crazy".

Sam Giffen, 23, from Blackpool said he has "the best hair in my area". The gay hairstylist also said in his VT that "straight lads come on to me".

Georgina Leigh Cantwell is u nemployed and from Kent.

The 26-year-old attended the Parsons School of Design in New York City. She prides herself on her brutal honesty.

Jason Burrill is a 45-year-old property developer who has dabbled in the movie business.

The 10th person to enter the house, Burrill acted as a body double in films including Spectre and Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Model Jackson Blyton is 24 and from Nottingham. "I'm cocky and confident and I've managed to get every bird I've wanted," he said.

London entrepreneur Chelsea Singh was the 12th and final housemate to enter Big Brother. The self-made millionaire, 48, lives a lavish lifestyle.

In a twist that fans are applauding, the show is featuring two houses for the first time and "The Others" will be living in the second house.

Big Brother informed the six wannabes, including former X Factor 2015 contestant Ryan Ruckledge, that they are not housemates.

Instead, they must pick off the housemates and steal their place in order to become real contestants.

"The housemates do not know that you exist," Big Brother told them.

Ruckledge, 24, was dismayed by this development.

The self-proclaimed tanning fan, described by Simon Cowell as a "horror of a human being" after his X Factor appearance, expected a fanfare of an entrance.

Instead, The Others were masked, given drab uniforms to wear and treated to a low-key reception.

Among them is four-time world kickboxing champion Andrew Tate.

The 29-year-old is a member of Mensa.

Charlie Doherty is 31 and a stripper who attended a strict Catholic school.

Hughie Maughan calls himself "the complete opposite of the stereotype of a traveller".

The 21-year-old from Dublin is bisexual and recently came out to members of his family.

Former glamour model Jayne Connery worked as a journalist and interviewed celebrities including Dustin Hoffman, Joan Collins and Dolly Parton.

The 49-year-old is now a private investigator.

Former high class dominatrix Natalie Rowe, 53, worked under the moniker of "Miss Whiplash" or "Mistress Pain".

She said her clients included "high-flying Tory politicians, City bankers, judges and A-listers".

The live twist, in which housemates had to stand by a podium labelled with a character trait that best described them, resulted in two housemates being chosen for the first eviction vote.

The others chose to target the person who had stood at the "sexy" podium.

Model Carter was immediately up for eviction and had to nominate someone to join her on Friday.

"I'm really sorry, but I'm going to say Lateysha because I haven't spoken to you as much as everyone else," she said.

The former star of The Valleys looked disappointed.

Willis ended the launch show by promising more twists in store.

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