Monday 9 December 2019

Macauley Culkin alive and well, despite reports he had died... again

Macauley Culkin. Photo: Getty Images
Macauley Culkin. Photo: Getty Images
MaCauley Culkin in Home Alone

Anita McSorley

For the second time this year, actor Macauley Culkin has been the victim of a death hoax.

However, the Home Alone star is alive and well despite reports that he died on Thursday morning.

Macauley Culkin tweeted this pic to prove he's actually alive and well
Macauley Culkin tweeted this pic to prove he's actually alive and well

This weekend the internet was awash with speculation that the 34-year-old had died but the former child star took to Twitter to put the rumours to rest.

He uploaded pictures of himself on his band The Pizza Underground’s twitter account.

He even seemed to poke fun at the reports, saying “One of the great things you can do when you’re alive is stop for lunch in Breaux Bridge, LA.”

The elaborate death hoax seems to have been started from a Facebook memorial page allegedly titled RIP Macaulay Culkin.

A fake report posted on the page, which has now been deleted, read, “At about 11 a.m. ET on Thursday (November 06, 2014), our beloved actor Macauley Culkin passed away.

"Macaulay Culkin was born on August 26, 1980 in New York. He will be missed but not forgotten.

"Please show your sympathy and condolences by commenting on and liking this page,” it read.

A flurry of RIP’s on social media sites helped spread the rumour further but some fans were more sceptical.

"Internet, could we please stop killing Macaulay Culkin? Thank you," one Twitter user wrote.

"Can people do some fact checking before posting on Facebook that Macauley Culkin died? You almost ruined my Christmas," wrote another.

Earlier this year a similar death hoax surfaced but it was also dismissed by Culkin's representatives at the time.

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