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Loves of my life: Zoë Jordan shares her dad's favourite saying: 'You can't cash promises'


Zoe Jordan

Zoe Jordan

Zoe Jordan

The Dublin-born, Mallorca-based fashion designer tells Chloe Brennan about a family mishap in the British Virgin Islands and reveals her top beauty secret.

The person

My three girls - Eden, Dylan and Inez. Who knew the crazy, cool adventure they would bring to my life?

The memory

I went hiking in Peru with some of my family. I remember us all freezing in a tent; we were fully dressed, with our hats on, in our sleeping bags. We were hugging to stay warm and it was only 4pm! We broke into hysterics - I think it was a simple choice of laughing or crying!

The moment of the day

Dawn. The girls come in to wake me up and the sunbeams are hitting their cheeks.

The song

Hit 'Em Up by Tupac. A great tune for boxing and I've been known to rap this on a late night or two.

The movie

True Romance. It has everything and everyone, including Alabama Worley [Patricia Arquette] and the Sicilian scene [a square-off between Vincenzo, played by Christopher Walken, and Clifford, Dennis Hopper].

The book

Ibiza Bohemia, published by Assouline. It takes pride of place in our house, as our friend Maya Boyd wrote it from our kitchen table in London. At that tough time, her son, Cassius - my godson - was being treated for leukaemia in Great Ormond Street Hospital. Not only is it a phenomenally beautiful book, but Cassius has made a full recovery, so the book reminds me to be grateful every day.

The outfit

I love designing pieces that you can pull on every day, that feel elegant and together, while still being contemporary and relevant. My go-to items at the moment are my coordinating tracksuits, with a little colour to keep things upbeat.

The accessory

My friend Jessica McCormack - who is also a sparring partner in the gym - reworked some old earrings into a bracelet that I never take off. She has a knack for making fine jewellery cool and relevant, and has an impressive boudoir in Mayfair.

The person

My dad, [former motorsport team boss]Eddie. He's not scared of anything, he's got crazy energy and he's shown us the way to get shit done, and always have a blast along on the way.

The gadget

I love the charging pack in my Away travel bag; it's super handy for short travel tips.

The advice

As my dad, Eddie, says: 'You can't cash promises.'

The virtue

I like to think I'm pretty adventurous and happy to take a few risks.

The pet hate

Wasting time. If I'm not running for the plane, I've wasted time!

The bar

Foxy's in Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands. As a family, we all love the water and sailing, so a few years ago, after Santa came down the mast, we spent our Christmas Day sampling the world-famous rum cocktails at Foxy's while grooving to a little reggae! Needless to say, we lost the dinghy; it floated off without anyone noticing and we all had to swim back to the boat.

The hobby

Padel tennis, a mix of tennis and squash that is huge here in Spain. I'm play most days when I can, entering tournaments and in the local club team; it's great to be competitive again.

The part of my body

My signature styles feature distinctive and flattering cut-out details to celebrate the skin, which I think is the most beautiful part of every body.

The celebrity

I've been so lucky to work with Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, and Sienna Miller over the years. Overall, I feel like I'm fairly low-key when it comes to the world of celebrity, but it doesn't mean it's not an amazing rush to see these beauties wearing my collection.

The friend

I lived with my old friend Louisa in the East Village in New York for a year when I was working as a bond trader on Wall Street. Amazing times, but wow, that city is a roller coaster. When things got a little tough, we would decamp to our corner place, Esperantos, for delicious, tangy ceviche and ice-cool beer. It's a fiercely colourful South American gem, with a buzzy atmosphere and live Cuban music.

The beauty product

Erborian CC Creme HD is my only beauty secret. It's a radiance cream with SPF 45. My friend, Irish make-up artist Emma O'Byrne, recommended it, and all I can tell you is it makes my skin glow after a long, tiring trip. I rarely wear anything else.



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