Sunday 8 December 2019

Love Hate's Laurence Kinlan reveals he and Heath Ledger were good friends

Elmo (Laurence Kinlan)
Elmo (Laurence Kinlan)
Heath Ledger

Love/Hate actor Laurence Kinlan has revealed in an interview that he had a close relationship with the late actor Heath Ledger.

The Dublin actor, best known for playing Elmo in Love/Hate, says he was "heartbroken" when Ledger died.

Kinlan and Ledger became friends while working together on the Australian film Ned Kelly in 2003.

Kinlan told TV3's Late Lunch Live that he was devastated when Heath was found dead in 2008.

"We were good mates, we played brothers in the film. Myself and Charlene (my wife) flew out to LA a lot and stayed with Heath in his house.”

“He was such a lovely person. As soon as I landed in Melbourne he was so good to me. I was still young then,” he said.

“I was absolutely heart broken when he died. We had become such good mates,” he admitted.

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