Saturday 18 November 2017

Life On Marbs star Natalie Richardson's husband wary of TV exposure

The show is set in Marbella
The show is set in Marbella

The latest reality TV star has said her husband "wasn't very happy" when she revealed she had a "designer vagina" on national television.

Natalie Richardson, 32, originally from Worcester, is appearing on Life On Marbs - a constructed reality show based on the glamorous lives of people who live in the Spanish resort of Marbella.

The former model and trained dancer said her husband is "a very private person" and did not want her to sign up for the ITVBe series.

"He doesn't like being in the spotlight or media or anything like that, so yeah, he wasn't that keen on me doing it just because he thinks I shouldn't really," she said.

Asked what her husband made of the first episode of the show in which Richardson referred to herself as Marbie Barbie, she said: "He sort of said that I should not divulge as much information about myself as I do. But he knows me and he knows what I'm like and I'm very open and honest about everything."

She added: "He wasn't very happy about me announcing I have a designer vagina on national TV."

In the opening episode, Richardson mentioned her "designer vagina" and said that after having two children it is "only polite to have it put back nicely".

Asked if doing the show is worth risking her marriage or her husband's happiness, Richardson said: "No, it's not, at all. We've been together 12 years so I mean we're pretty strong, so I kind of don't think anything would risk our marriage, but you've got to do stuff for yourself once in a while you know? So I think it's fine."

The mother of two girls, aged four and seven, said you cannot put a camera on her and tell her not to be herself because "it won't work".

She has received "lovely" comments since the show aired, but she added that a lot of people have said she has "too much botox".

She said the reason for this is that she is wearing clear braces in the first three episodes of the series.

"I'm mortified honestly, I'm like 'No I can move my bloody face, I've got braces on'," she said.

Asked if she enjoys the fame side of things, Richardson said: "Well I used to be a model so I'm kind of quite used to that side of it."

She said she felt it was her "last chance to get back into this industry" and an opportunity she could not turn down.

"This is what I do anyway with my friends. It is sort of my real life, so I just thought 'Why not? I'm 32. It's the last time I'm going to be able to do anything like this, it's a bit of fun'," she said.

Richardson said the show differs from others such as Towie in that it has "different characters" and is "so diverse" as it features people aged 18 to 50 and over, while Towie stars predominantly 20-somethings living in Essex.

She hopes the show will "open some doors" as she would love to get into presenting or fashion.

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