Friday 23 February 2018

'Let's call a spade a spade, this year was pretty sh*t' - Bressie reflects on 2016 and reveals plans for 2017

Chris Wasser spoke to The Blizzards frontman about his hopes and resolutions for 2017

Roz Purcell and Bressie split earlier this year. Picture: Instagram
The Blizzards.
Niall Breslin aka Bressie

Chris Wasser

Recently-reformed Mullingar five-piece, The Blizzards, are on the bill for this year's 3 Countdown Concert at St. Stephen's Green. Lead singer and mental health advocate, Niall 'Bressie' Breslin, reflects on 2016 and looks forward to the coming year.

What was your highlight of 2016, Bressie?

"I think the first gig back for The Blizzards was quite a highlight for me, because we were building up to it for so long. What was really nice about it was we played President Michael D Higgins' garden party, and all the families came. A lot of lads in the band, their kids would never have seen them playing music, so I think watching their faces, for everybody, was such an amazing moment."

The Blizzards.

What was your lowlight of 2016?

"Jesus, 2016 was a pretty s*** year. Let's call a spade a spade - it's been a tough year for everybody. I think the lowlight was the amount of hate that you're bombarded with on a daily basis. I just find the rhetoric of hate that we've had to listen to, from many different places - obviously, with what happened in America, it's kind of deflating. I found that really difficult."

Do you ever set yourself new year's resolutions?

"I do. I'm quite a geek with them, though. I won't set the bar too high with it, so I won't feel like s*** when I don't actually follow through…"

Roz Purcell and Bressie split earlier this year. Picture: Instagram

Right, so what are your new year's resolutions for 2017?

"I've decided I'm going to start investing a lot more into meditation, and trying to slow down a little bit. I'm probably going to invest a bit of time and effort into becoming a little bit more mindful, and treating my head a little bit better. I think a lot of people spend most of their new year's trying to look after their bodies, and get fitter and lose weight - I just want to look after my head and be kinder to it and give it more space. I really need to change my relationship with my phone, too. It's not healthy. I've gotta figure out how to get off my phone for a period of time..."

What's the best New Year's Eve you've ever had?

"A lot of my family are Scottish, so I remember going to my first Hogmanay festival in Edinburgh. I had a load of mates over with me, and it was just insane. I remember Manic Street Preachers busking on the street. I like what NYF Dublin is trying to do - trying to create something similar, and it's slowly building, which is really positive."

Niall Breslin aka Bressie

What's the big hope for 2017?

"The great thing about the band is there's no huge strategy to it, it's just, 'Let's have the craic and enjoy it.' So, I think the thing with the band is to make an album. Having bought a studio, I'd like to really develop that. Obviously, 'A Lust for Life' is a huge part of my life, so we want to bring that to the next level, and we want to start creating situations rather than just creating awareness. We want to create things that can help people…"

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