Thursday 23 November 2017

Lauren Graham backs Gilmore Girls to bring back post-election harmony

Lauren Graham was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton
Lauren Graham was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton

Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham has said the return of the show feels even more needed following the US election.

Speaking just days after Donald Trump's win, Graham said the old-fashioned kindness of the programme seems particularly crucial.

The drama, which details the lives of a mother and daughter in a small Connecticut town, returns to screens later this week nine years after the seventh series ended.

Graham, who was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton, told the Press Association: "I think this show and the world it created and the town is a happy place and we need that so much now.

"It always stuck out as old fashioned at the time, it's not about zombie vampire policemen. It's unique and kind and I feel proud to put that into the world, especially now."

The four new feature-length episodes of show, which will stream on Netflix, will see Graham's Lorelai Gilmore reunite with her daughter Rory in the fictional town of Star's Hollow and quickly slip back into the show's signature rapid-fire dialogue.

The episodes were written by the show's original creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and Graham said returning to the pace of her language was particularly welcome, saying: " That is the aspect I had missed the most, this language is theatrical in its demands and it takes a little more work and a little more air and energy but it's exhilarating to do."

Sherman-Palladino left the show before its seventh and final series because of contract disputes but has returned for the Netflix reboot.

Alexis Bledel, who returns as Rory, added: " It is a gift to have good writing and Amy's voice is very specific and you can't recreate it, as we learned during our seventh season. We missed her while she was gone so to jump back in, it;'s right there for you on the page."

The show will also see the return of Bridesmaids star Melissa McCarthy in her role as Sookie St James, despite McCarthy previously saying she had not been asked to join the reboot.

Graham said McCarthy's return was one of the most important parts of her return to Stars Hollow, saying: "S he was a dear, dear friend of mine all through that time in particular and so important to Lorelei to have her best friend.

"It was misconstrued, I felt, in the way that people understood it because people think it's like working in a bank and you get your job and show up and it's just not like that.

"So much hadn't yet even be discussed, nobody had gotten there, they were still worried if we could be there. I was in Atlanta shooting a movie and it was chaos but when that finally worked out I personally felt so happy.

"She ended up shooting her scenes near the very end and I had been a complete wreck the entire time and it was no different that day, it felt really good."

The fourth instalment of the show will end with the mythical "final four words", that Sherman-Palladino has said she has had planned since 2006.

However Bledel said the stars did not immediately know what they would be.

She said: " They weren't in the script, they were not on paper.

"We had to memorise them. Amy told us at different times what they were going to be and I think we were both surprised."

Graham added: "P eople leak things today so you can't put stuff on paper. T here was a dummy scene instead which lots of people thought was real and had to be told it wasn't a real scene and was to take the place of the final four words. It was a decoy and it worked."

She maintains that romantic resolution for both the mother and daughter is not necessarily the most important part of the conclusion, saying it is really their relationship that anchors it all.

She said: "I think it's both, I think it's natural for people to project their own lives, everyone would like to have love and to me the reassuring part of the show is no matter what else happens we have each other in good times and bad.

"The way it's handled here is gratifying and will be fulfilling for fans and fans of love."

That does not mean there definitely will not be more episodes though, and Graham said the door is open to return again

She said: " It is because it always is but the question is, we are still stuck in feeling so proud of what we have done and feeling like it answers all the questions.

"I treasure this show and this experience so much I would never want to do anything that makes you feel like we are just hanging around because you can't get rid of us.

"I think we would all have the same creative conversations and will see how fans enjoying it."

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life will stream on Netflix on November 25 and the first seven series are available now.

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