Monday 17 December 2018

Laura Whitmore's boyfriend says he's punching above his weight: 'I think I've done quite well out of it'

Laura Whitmore and Iain Sterling. Picture: Instagram
Laura Whitmore and Iain Sterling. Picture: Instagram
Laura Whitmore and Iain Sterling. Picture: Instagram
Laura Whitmore arrives at The Prince's Trust Awards at the London Palladium
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Comedian Iain Sterling proudly declared he's punching above his weight in dating Irish tv presenter Laura Whitmore.

Sterling, who is the distinctive voice over on ITV's Love Island, has been dating the former MTV star (32) for nearly one year and she has been uncharacteristically open about her burgeoning relationship, divulging details about how they fell in love. But it looks like things might be different this time around and Sterling was quick to heap praise on his other half during an appearance on the Chris Ramsey Show.

Host Ramsey pointed out that comparisons were being made on their looks, namely, that he was punching above his weight, saying: "People tell you, and I do not agree with this and I hate it when people say this to blokes, people tell you you’re punching above your weight, and I don’t like that.

"One, you’re a good looking lad. I find it underhanded. I find it snide. It’s basically someone going, 'I’d f*** your girlfriend' and I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. And I don’t think you’re punching above your weight. I think you’re a beautiful man."

Laura Whitmore and Iain Sterling. Picture: Instagram
Laura Whitmore and Iain Sterling. Picture: Instagram

The 30-year-old responded by saying he's proud of his girlfriend, adding: "I don’t mind it, because it just means I've done better haven’t I?’

"I’ve got someone who’s like me, but much, much better. And Laura’s got someone who’s like her, but much worse. I think I’ve done quite well out of it, but I’m dead happy because she’s lovely and stuff."

Last month, Whitmore said they first met early last year and became friends before pursuing anything romantic.

"I think the first time I met him was at the Children’s BAFTAs. I was presenting an award and he won an award, so I met him there. I don’t know if we were in other relationships but I was just friendly with him. That was before the last series of Love Island," she told MailOnline.

"So we were just mates, and we were friendly for a while before it developed into something more, but we didn’t tell anyone for ages. Again, you don’t really know until you decide and you don’t want everyone knowing your business so we decided to keep it quiet as much as possible."

The pair have reunited after six weeks apart while Whitmore filmed in South Africa and Sterling remained in the UK, but she proudly shared on her Instagram stories that he recreated that famous Love Actually scene for Valentine's Day.

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