Sunday 15 December 2019

Kim Kardashian: My snaps a token

Kim Kardashian says she'll be having another baby
Kim Kardashian says she'll be having another baby

Kim Kardashian has said her recent naked magazine shots are a "token" before her next pregnancy.

The socialite and mother-of-one caused a sensation with her full-frontal nude pictures for Paper magazine.

She told Australia's 2DAY FM: "I felt good about myself after having this baby. I feel like now I have an even curvier body... I have an even better body after the baby than I did before."

"I'm very confident about [my body]. So that was just a little token before I have to go through [pregnancy] again," Kanye West's wife said.

Meanwhile Katie Price was unimpressed with the shots.

During an appearance on Australian TV show This Morning, Katie said: "I don't know quite why she did it and it wasn't really an attractive pose and I think it was the wrong kind of magazine for her to have done that in.

"When I saw these pictures my reaction was like everyone else, shocked. It wasn't just she's got a bit of flesh out, it's like she's got it all out. I thought she could have saved it for like American Playboy or something," the Daily Mirror quoted her as saying.

"I think it ruined the shoot for me, to be honest. It would be better in Playboy because people could choose to see her naked rather than see her proper, full-on naked."

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