Thursday 19 April 2018

Kim Kardashian 'learnt the hard way' how to dress

Kim Kardashian says husband Kanye West gives her fashion advice
Kim Kardashian says husband Kanye West gives her fashion advice

Kim Kardashian says she's "learnt the hard way" that not all clothing suits her.

The reality TV star and wife of Kanye West, told CNN Style that it's important to know your body type.

"So many things look amazing on my sister Kendall, we have completely different bodies and you know something could look amazing on the runway and then just not fit my personal body type," she said. "So I think that's been a lesson that I've had to learn - sometimes the hard way - that sometimes things don't always work out."

Currently pregnant with her second baby, Kardashian is not shy of showing off her growing bump.

"Being pregnant and a lot heavier, I think you have to show off the curves. It's not like I'm trying to hide my pregnancy, whereas my last pregnancy, I was trying to find looks that would hide it. You just have to embrace it, to show the bump," she said.

She credits West with introducing her to former Vogue Paris Editor, Carine Roitfeld's coffee table book, often referred to as the "fashion bible".

She recalls his sage words at the time: "'You should be studying this book, this is like the fashion bible.' And I was like 'who is Carine?'. I knew nothing. And he said 'watch, one day she's going to style you'."

"Kanye sees what's out there on the streets and just knows how to translate that into something that would look good on me. Just helping me push my limits a little bit and trying new things."

The successful mum and businesswoman draws her own inspiration from the likes of Instagram, fashion bloggers and the runway.

She said: "What I love most about fashion is that you can just really express yourself and your moods depending on what you wear. I think fashion is subjective but I also think that you can just really be who you are and show your personality from the clothes that you wear."

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