Tuesday 12 November 2019

Killing's Grabol in f-word gaffe

Sofie Grabol starred in the TV show The Killing
Sofie Grabol starred in the TV show The Killing

The Killing star Sofie Grabol has told how Radio 2 DJ Simon Mayo was left unimpressed when he interviewed her on live radio.

The Danish actress, 46, famous for her role as Detective Chief Inspector Sarah Lund in The Killing, spoke to Simon when she was appearing on stage in the trilogy The James Plays, during the Edinburgh International Festival.

Sofie told how her stage role - which involved plenty of swearing - rubbed off on the actress when Simon asked her, on his live Radio 2 show and in front of an audience, about her famous jumper in The Killing.

"He was a very nice man, and I said something about that 'f*****g jumper' and 100 people in the audience go 'OHHHHHHHHHHHH!', like that, and it was like a nightmare because I really didn't know what they were screaming at," she told Radio Times magazine.

"And then Simon Mayo said, 'Oh, you can't say that on radio!' and I thought it was a joke, so I said, 'I'm sorry, I meant bloody', which I honestly don't even know is swearing!

"Apparently you're not allowed to say that, either - but nobody had told me.

"So then everything became very awkward and there were 15 minutes left. Simon Mayo put some music on and he turned to me and said, 'This is very serious. We have to apologise'."

Sofie told the magazine: "Then we're back on the air and he apologises for the foul language. The audience could see that I was sweating and blushing - lucky it was radio - and somebody yelled out, 'We love you! It's OK!' But it wasn't OK."

Sofie said she was still upset about the incident "because normally I'm a nice person and never want to offend anyone.

"This Simon Mayo, also, seemed very upset with me. Really, it was horrible," she said.

"In the next music break I said, 'I'm so sorry... it's not going to have consequences for you? You're not going to be punished somehow?' And he said, 'You can expect it to be in the press tomorrow!' And it wasn't."

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