Wednesday 21 March 2018

Katie Price starts legal process to adopt child from abroad

Katie Price has revealed her wish to adopt a child from abroad
Katie Price has revealed her wish to adopt a child from abroad

Model Katie Price has revealed she is trying to adopt a child from abroad.

The 38-year-old is hoping to add to her brood of five and says she has started the legal process to offer a home to a child from another country.

She talked about her plans during a live Facebook chat promoting her new autobiography Reborn and said that she and husband Kieran Hayler were waiting to be interviewed by an adoption agency to get the ball rolling on expanding their family.

Price, asked whether she would want more children, said: "I will want more kids but I think I'll adopt next. That's my new thing. I've started up to adopt a child from abroad.

"I've already started the process to adopt, so fingers crossed. You have to do everything legally and go down that road."

She added: "The problem isn't just getting a child, that's the easy bit, it's all the checks. I'm just waiting to be interviewed by the adoption agency. I've always said I'd love to adopt and I feel this is the right time now to do it."

However, Price also said she was not planning to call it a day at five biological children.

Asked why she had chosen adoption rather than having another baby, she said: "I will have another one as well. I'll have as many as I can have. But if I can offer a home to another child, why not. I'd have loads."

Although she later admitted: "I don't want any physically myself at the moment, I feel like I'm a baby machine. I've got to let my body rest."

On whether she was concerned about what adoption agencies might make of her, she said: "I don't care. If I've got the money, love and support it's better than a child being dead or not having a home or being an orphan. Why not?"

Price also said her decision had nothing to do with seeing recent news reports of refugee children: "No, it's been something I've always wanted to do, even back when I was with Pete (Peter Andre), so it's been long term."

She already has son Harvey from a relationship with footballer Dwight Yorke, son Junior and daughter Princess from her marriage to singer Peter Andre, and daughter Bunny and son Jett from her current marriage to Hayler.

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