Monday 19 March 2018

Katie Price: I was wrong to let my daughter wear too much make-up

Katie Price was criticised for allowing her daughter to wear mascara and lipstick
Katie Price was criticised for allowing her daughter to wear mascara and lipstick

TV personality Katie Price has admitted she was wrong to allow her eight-year-old daughter to wear too much make-up in a video and photo she posted.

Price shared a picture of Princess Tiaamii in December last year in which she was sporting mascara and bright pink lipstick.

The glamour model was criticised for allowing her to wear so much make-up, with many posting their thoughts on social media.

Talking on ITV's Loose Women she explained the photos were taken while she was doing a pantomime at Christmas time.

"I still believe girls should be girls for as long as they can," she said. "I see school girls with short skirts, loads of make-up and they're so old for their age and it's sad - they're growing up before their time."

Price said that while Princess Tiaamii loved wearing make-up, she would not let her wear it out shopping.

Questioned by the Loose Women panellists on whether it was a "bit much too soon", Price said: " Now I know when you say, I can see it, but when I see her at home, I don't push her to do it, it's just natural, she doesn't do it at her dad's."

The mother of five added: "I see what you mean, do you know what? You're all right! I'm in the wrong, I admit it."

Following the photos, Price then posted a video to her Instagram account in which a heavily made-up Princess Tiaamii said: "By the way, I want to do my make-up, not my mum. And anyway... it's none of your beeswax... so... oosh."

Commenting on the video as she watched it on Loose Women, Price said: " Oh my god, she looks like such a spoiled brat. "

Panellist June Sarpong told Price: " She's a gorgeous little girl, but at the end of the day she's eight years old. You're still the mother so you can say no to an eight-year-old."

Price replied: "Okay, you're all right again."

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