Saturday 21 April 2018

Kathryn Thomas: 'Fan intrusion isn't okay - a girl once filmed me on her phone from across a bar'

Kathryn Thomas
Kathryn Thomas
RTE presenter Kathryn Thomas. Picture: Anthony Woods Newsdesk Newsdesk

RTE star Kathryn Thomas has opened up about fans taking it too far when they see her.

She's one of Ireland's most popular presenters, fronting shows like The Voice of Ireland and Operation Transformation, and has been on our screens more than a decade.

But Kathryn revealed it's not all glitz and glamour as she has had her fair share of overzealous fans, referring to an incident last year where she was filmed by a taxi driver while she was in the backseat after a night out.

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RTE presenter Kathryn Thomas. Picture: Anthony Woods
RTE presenter Kathryn Thomas. Picture: Anthony Woods

Writing in her Irish Daily Star column, she said: "More recently, a girl from across a bar motioned at me to wave while she filmed me on her phone.

"I told her I was happy to do a selfie if she deleted the video, which she had taken without permission.

"She agreed, deleted the three and a half minute (very boring!) clip of me and my mates and we both left the situation feeling slightly mortified."

The down-to-earth tv star said she is always happy to chat with fans, but emphasised it's important not to "lose respect along the way".

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