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Justin Bieber not so Sorry after 'swearing at TV reporter'


The singer took aim at reports with a funny video in which he impersonated a TV character.

Justin Bieber has filmed a mocking video in response to reports that he swore at a reporter in Australia.

The Canadian pop star was caught on camera by local network 7 News while spending time on a private island on the Sunshine Coast, and was asked by a reporter – who was across the water from the star – to say hello to his fans.

According to the network, Justin shouted back “f*** you” while sticking his middle fingers in the air, although the footage was edited to disguise both.

The 23-year-old Sorry singer has responded to the network with a video of his own on Instagram, in which he adopted the accent of unruly schoolboy character Jonah Takalua from comedy mockumentary TV series Summer Heights High.

Using 7 News’s footage at the start of the video, Justin turned the camera on himself and – in the character’s accent – said: “I said ‘puck you, miss’, there’s a difference between bullying and joking around, and I was joking around.”

Addressing the reporter, he added: “Sorry Ben, motherf***er, I was doing it for fun, you just didn’t get that it was fun.”

The words “the news lady is very upset with what you said Justin” flashed up on the screen, to which he remarked, still in character as Jonah: “You on your period or what, miss?”

He concluded his video by saying: “I could tell them a knock-knock joke and they wouldn’t even think it was funny. I was punking him, sir, watch MTV for once, sir.”

Along with the clip, which has been viewed more than three million times, the singer posted a caption to explain the video.

“SORRY BEN – If you don’t get the context its from an Australian TV show called Summer Heights High,” he wrote.

Jonah is a rebellious schoolboy character played by comedian Chris Lilley, also the star of his own spin-off show entitled Jonah From Tonga.

Justin has been spending time on Sir Richard Branson’s private Makepeace Island while in Australia for his Purpose world tour.

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